Does she like me or is she playing games?

Don't give me she just wants to be friends crap because this is more than friend behavior. I asked a girl out after 2 weeks of talking to her she said she just wanted to be friends. But I still wasn't very confident around her as I kept stuttering. I feel she may have rejected me because she... Show More

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  • I have TREMENDOUS difficulty talking to guys that I REALLY like, which is extremely confusing to them, because I have LOTS of friends, mostly guys , just cause I get along better, but I am not interested I them in that way.

    I prefer to be friends first cause I lost a really important person, cause I was not ready to even talk to hi m lol We ended up getting really mad at each other & it was just really confusing.

    Tho, I could see someone thinking I was playing games, just because how I deal with my feelings is erratic, tho they stay the same.

    I do not like games when predicated o an emotional situation, simply because emotions are not fact & often not logical. It is not just lie a mind game that is fun, cause it involves emotion.

    So, you should ASK her, before you guys get stuck in a game.

    The nice ting about being friends when I like a guy, is I get to anticipate, which is really appealing.

    I do not like to jump into things that are emotion based. & I never stop having feelings for someone if we are friends, I just have to suffer a little while, trying to determine if & where it will go.

    You have to ask her & believe what she says cause even if it does not FEL right, it is what she wants to approach things... It is one thing to say well she s playing games if she does NOT TELL YOU OTHERWISE. But if you ASK HER - you have made a commitment to take her seriously.

    Good Luck.