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Does she like me or is she playing games?

Don't give me she just wants to be friends crap because this is more than friend behavior. I asked a girl out after 2 weeks of talking to her she... Show More

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  • I have TREMENDOUS difficulty talking to guys that I REALLY like, which is extremely confusing to them, because I have LOTS of friends, mostly guys , just cause I get along better, but I am not interested I them in that way.

    I prefer to be friends first cause I lost a really important person, cause I was not ready to even talk to hi m lol We ended up getting really mad at each other & it was just really confusing.

    Tho, I could see someone thinking I was playing games, just because how I deal with my feelings is erratic, tho they stay the same.

    I do not like games when predicated o an emotional situation, simply because emotions are not fact & often not logical. It is not just lie a mind game that is fun, cause it involves emotion.

    So, you should ASK her, before you guys get stuck in a game.

    The nice ting about being friends when I like a guy, is I get to anticipate, which is really appealing.

    I do not like to jump into things that are emotion based. & I never stop having feelings for someone if we are friends, I just have to suffer a little while, trying to determine if & where it will go.

    You have to ask her & believe what she says cause even if it does not FEL right, it is what she wants to approach things... It is one thing to say well she s playing games if she does NOT TELL YOU OTHERWISE. But if you ASK HER - you have made a commitment to take her seriously.

    Good Luck.

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  • She wants to take it slow. It's obvious that she has already started liking you. She LIKES you. When she says she just want to be friends, she means she wants to take it slow and steady and she doesn't want this bond to be crushed if something unlikely is to happen.

    So it's a good sign. She sincerely likes you. She MIGHT be playing hard-to-get or she's just probably shy. So good luck!^^

  • She might think your cute but knows that if it didn't work out then she would loose you as a friend.

  • well from my point of view she's playing games but to make sure walk up to her and tell her how you feel infront of your freinds and hers so she knows you really like her

  • She likes you. If she didn't like you she would be avoiding you, avoiding eye contact, etc. When you know someone likes you and you don't like them you do everything possible to avoid giving the wrong message. So, she does like you, but what good is that going to do you if she doesn't reciprocate?

  • Maybe she is just really shy and would rather become good friends with you first, so she can get comfortable around you enough where you guys can talk about silly things and really be yourself.

    Because even if a guy I had a hugee crush on me came up to me and asked me out, I wouldn't really want to because I don't know him really, and he doesn't know me, it's too much pressure to go into that feeling your dating when you've never really casually hung out together. I want to be comfortable and that would start by getting to a point where it would be no big deal if you called me on a sat. and we watched movies or hung out because we had became such good friends first.

  • Listin to her. If she really liked you, she would let you know. Just because a girl smiles at you a lot doesn't mean she likes you. Maybe she acts different around you because she has different feelings for you than her friends, but those aren't necceserily good ones. If you really want to know, ask her again and she what she says because that's the only way to ever really know.

  • Well I really don't know. But I think she likes you.

What Guys Said 3

  • it sounds there I a possibility that she does or did like you. things like "won't approach me with others around including her friends" she could just be shy. I agree with what others said about talking to her and getting to know her better maybe she stopped answering your texts in the hope you will talk to her instead of just texting.

  • "I feel she may have rejected me because she wasn't ready for a relationship"

    Sorry mate, but I'm going to have to cut you down here - this is a terrible assumption. If Brad Pitt asked her out after two weeks of talking to her, do you think she'd want to be just friends because she wasn't ready for a relationship? Very unlikely. The reality here is that she didn't want a relationship with you.

    Assuming the best is going to screw you over so stop doing it. As for all those signs - I couldn't care if she was pelvic thrusting you in the face, when a girl doesn't say yes she means no. It's common sense. She doesn't like you and let's say she WAS playing games (she's not, she's plain uninterested), you don't want to date a girl who plays games.

    The trick here is to stop reading too much into stuff which doesn't matter. If they don't date you then they don't like you.

    • Thanks for the advice but I'm going to tell her how I feel anyway. I'm sorry though you make it sound there us no chance she can like me I've known people who have rejected someone and there have dated them the second time they were asked out.

    • Also tell you this the first time I asked her out I also had a pretty bad skin condition over my face. But now my face has cleared up pretty well.

    • I know people who have dated over time too - it's a rare occurrence. Given your situation and how you feel about this girl, I'd say I'd feel like there's a chance too because of the few success stories if this was 16 year old me. These days, I look at all the guys who asked a girl out twice and rejected twice and it's a hell of a lot more common than the aforemention situation.

  • Sounds like she likes you, but sometimes you can't be sure. Sometimes some woman are just trying to be freindly, but judging by the way she reacted when she saw you flirting with another girl, she's jealous and therefore likes you.

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