Does she like me or is she playing games?

Don't give me she just wants to be friends crap because this is more than friend behavior.

I asked a girl out after 2 weeks of talking to her she said she just wanted to be friends. But I still wasn't very confident around her as I kept stuttering. I feel she may have rejected me because she wasn't ready for a relationship but she shows these signs:

Whenever I say hi to her or wave she smiles when I'm with other people. But when I'm alone she smiles and say's hi.

When I talk to her she speaks in a softer tone and quietly. As sometimes its hard for me to understand her.

Her head is tilted slightly to the side when I talk to her and she put her hand under her hair and started to play with it and then tucked it behind her ear.

When I'm flirting with another girl in class she goes quiet and looks over.

The following day after playfully flirting with a girl. I saw her with her best friend and as soon as she saw me she turned away and put headphones in. Probably if I said hi she would ignore me her best friend also looked at the both of us.

If I'm alone in the classroom without any of my friends. She will look at me and smile.

She occasionally also stops and looks at me.

But about 9-8months ago I used to text her a lot and most of the time she wouldn't reply but would still smile at me the next time I saw her.

The real problem is I was supposed to tell her how I felt about 2 months ago when I asked her to talk at first she was beaming from ear to ear and then she looked confused but the problem was my friend was there at the time.

But I'm unsure if she is trying to keep our friendship by seeming interested and not really being interested as she has a quite a few guy friends and she doesn't really talk to me like she does to them and so we have had around 4 periods of not speaking to each other. Because it really annoys me.

For example she can talk to a group of 4 guys but won't approach me with others around including her friends. Sometimes I will go up to her so we can start talking again and then sometimes she will say hi to me so we start talking again.

She also used to stare at me every time she entered the room but she very rarely does that now. She used also repeatedly turn around and look at me on occasions when we were lining up for the bus instead of talking to her best friend.


Most Helpful Girl

  • I have TREMENDOUS difficulty talking to guys that I REALLY like, which is extremely confusing to them, because I have LOTS of friends, mostly guys , just cause I get along better, but I am not interested I them in that way.

    I prefer to be friends first cause I lost a really important person, cause I was not ready to even talk to hi m lol We ended up getting really mad at each other & it was just really confusing.

    Tho, I could see someone thinking I was playing games, just because how I deal with my feelings is erratic, tho they stay the same.

    I do not like games when predicated o an emotional situation, simply because emotions are not fact & often not logical. It is not just lie a mind game that is fun, cause it involves emotion.

    So, you should ASK her, before you guys get stuck in a game.

    The nice ting about being friends when I like a guy, is I get to anticipate, which is really appealing.

    I do not like to jump into things that are emotion based. & I never stop having feelings for someone if we are friends, I just have to suffer a little while, trying to determine if & where it will go.

    You have to ask her & believe what she says cause even if it does not FEL right, it is what she wants to approach things... It is one thing to say well she s playing games if she does NOT TELL YOU OTHERWISE. But if you ASK HER - you have made a commitment to take her seriously.

    Good Luck.