Do white girls think they are better then black girls?

do white girls think they are better then black girls?

Thanks girls for your answers ; ) And the odd boy that felt compelled to answer
ok so a lot of people are saying this is to broad of a question. so do "some" white girls feel as though they are better because they may get more opportunities such as jobs, schooling things like that, every time they turn on the TV its a white face?
And do some black girls think they are better then white because the way they have been treated by the opposite race (white) and the opportunities that don't come easy because they are black?


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  • um okay. I'm biracial black girl if it matters but here is my answer...

    Of course some do, some don't. Same for black girls, asian girls, etc.

    I also think you would have to be more specific still. better in terms of what? Oh okay I see you put down opportunities, etc. but I would still say that is kind of just brushing the surface. I mean white women do have more opportunities, more varied media portrayals, get more respect by default, are seen as more beautiful than black women, etc. that has nothing to do with whether or not each white girl personally thinks she is better than black girls, its more a matter of can every single white girl resist what she has been taught? White women are taught that they are by default better than black women. sure, not many of their parents sat them down in pre-school and said "okay honey see that little n***** over there? she has nothing on you" but it is very much implied in our society that they are without even having to say or think it yourself. just a thought.

    i think on a subconscious level a hell of a lot of us as americans (if you are american, sorry I just assume these things ) think white women are better on one level or another. even in the black community which is a damn shame. you see lighter skin being praised by black people, we establish ideals on what "good hair" is and insist that our children relax their hair straight or hell at least put a texturizer on those naps lol, etc. I see that kind of...what can we call it? racism against self? well whatever you want to call it, I see it everyday. black women buy into the fact that they are "less than" and that white women are "better than" when it comes to beauty. skin bleaching creams are really popular in a lot of countries with predominantly black populations (asians use it way more though believe it or not). people seem so shocked when they see a black girl with natural kinky hair because hardly any black women want to wear their hair natural. they all relax their hair, get a blow out, or just weave it up. if black women have internalized that kind of racist spirit which has been passed down through centuries of mental oppression themselves (on top of other very real issues involving race like socio-economics and crime, etc.), what makes you think its even a question if many white women don't feel the same way ?

    just my 2 cents. ;)

    oh there was a mini-documentary called a "girl like me" about beauty and being black. the girl filming re-did the whole "black doll, white doll" test. I like seeing those things because I think children represent a very real, raw version of many of us. they haven't yet learned how to lie about their feelings or to themselves out of guilt or attach the b.s. onto the truth like so many of us do as we get older.


    my sister sent me one that CNN did as well:


    • Oops here's the second part of the cnn one:

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    • White girls have nothing on black girls, it just comes down to centurys of brainwashing. To be a black woman means your the fruit of life, if any black females reading this DONT EVER FORGET THAT. If you live in america I feel doubly sorry for you because no other country brain washes its people as effectively and consistantly as america. They're trying their hardest to make us forget what we stood for and what we meant. We were the greatest people on the planet and we suffered for that.

    • Are you kidding me DoctorSex? All countries have their problems but I'm happy to be an American. I find that kind of ironic of you to say when we have more freedom of speech, press, etc. than the U.K. does. I don't think black people are the greatest people on the planet. That's idiotic and ignorant and I'm above that. Humans are humans and that's it. We all come from the same place. So speak for yourself and other ignorant supremacists and I'll speak for myself. By the way I'm not even into black guys.

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  • wow, I can see why you like this question, so many people are on edge here, the question is kinda blunt though, with everyone having to watch what they say and how they mean it, sie... But as for your question, yes, some do, some don't just like every race. Simple and to the point yes?

    • Yes you understand.....and I agree

  • some white girls think they are better than black girls, some black girls think they are better than white girls, most just don't give a f*** and think everyone is equal


    There is knowone on this planet that can hold a flame to what a black woman is. You are beyond beatiful and your excellence goes beyond the skin. We as a nation represented greatness.

    We are where we are in this world because others envyed us and craved what we had. Once upon a time the world saw us as great knowledgable and spiritual people, then one day they snaked us, took it all away from us, killed our men and raped our females. Stole our history and burried it in front of our very eyes. They killed those of us that were educated and told the rest that we were no more importat than dogs. We were made into slaves and cast out of society.

    But never forget who you are and understand me when I say I love you beyond words. You are my Mother, You are My Sister and My Daughter. I Love you more than you'll ever know. Please don't ever forget who you are, never try and be anyone else because believe me when I say everyone is trying to achieve what you were born with. Without you we would be lost, I would mean nothing.

    I don't care if anyone hates me for saying this, I will always be trueful and if you can't stand that then keep living a lie.

    I Know about the world, I Love ancient hitory so believe me I know a lot more than you. To all those haters, keep hating and do your research.

    Peace and Love to all.

    • : ) !!!

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    • Well written, thanks girl

    • This is a beautifull message..

  • Like all things I think its just the rough ones that take the spot light and give the rest of the flock a bad name.

    I'm sure there are an equal amount from each race that feel they are superior to the other. Also that is racism... tooodeloo

  • of course

    as do some of all people in relationship to other people

    Of course, the majority of people don't think in terms of "better than" so the question is actually talking about a small subset of people.

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  • I think a fair assortment of all types of people think they are better than another group, for all sorts of reasons. In general, no white girls don't think they are better than black girls.

    I must say that I think many caucasion girls who do look down on other races are actually just jealous of some physical attribute they don't have that the other race does. But it's probably just as true for black girls, asian girls, hispanic girls, etc . . .

    Either way, we're women, we have a million reasons for being bitchy.

    (I'm not saying I'm proud of that, but its true.)

  • Ha I need to stop coming back to check on these questions...the answers get crazier every time. lol

    I keep reading the OP saying "dont knock other peoples opinions" and things like that. Just a random thought. While everyone has the right to their own opinion and to voice it, I don't quite get the "we shouldn't trash other peoples opinions" or "all opinions are equal." That's complete nonsense, no offense. Not all people are educated about the same things so not all people are even on the same level intellectually. Some people are just uninformed. Others have strong racist prejudices as a result of being uneducated, lacking in intelligence, etc. So no, I have to say I don't consider my opinion to be any where near the same level as someone who walks around saying things like the guy above did, "white women are generally better than black women at everything except rap, r&b, hip hop, and gospel music." Are you kidding me? Yes, I will criticize opinions like those, as that is my right of free speech and no, our opinions are not equal. We aren't even operating in the same mind set for christ sake. So, by all means, have your opinion. I'm not saying you shouldn't speak your mind but I'm not going to buy into this ridiculous belief that all opinions are equal or that we shouldn't criticize both our own opinions and others opinions. that's pretty much all I wanted to add. for now. ;)

  • Yes...some of them do just like some black girls think they are better than whites. In the end? They are wrong. No one is better than the other. It's that sort of mindless banter that causes wars on all scales.

    • O I agree...but do you think its sometimes because how they have been treated like they are better because they are white..they should get the first opportunity because they are white..and for the black girls do they think they think they are better because they sense that type of attitude from them

    • To some yes. My point is that people think all different things for all different reasons. Now, what is your reasoning behind this question?

    • Just wanted to know peoples reasons and what people thought...its interesting

  • I'm a white girl.

    Some do, some don't. Some girls don't feel like they can relate to black women for some reason so that can look like they think they're better than them. Others can relate or find common interests so they're more open to being friends with black girls. I have a few myself. My best friend is mixed!

    Also, some white girls feel like black girls might try to judge them or be like, what's this white girl doing? ha ha like in movies(I know, stupid excuse but some people believe movies lol)

    So I feel like it's all about how shy the girls are and if they feel relatable or not.

  • i am white, and wouldn't mind whatsoever being half black half white

    i think the skin tone is gorgeous

    either that or latino

    people who are racist about colour are ridiculous, especially white people

    exotic and dark skin tones are the best!

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