If a girl keeps touching your shoulders? What does it mean? if it means anything?

what does it mean if a girl keeps touching your shoulders or keeps hugging you and keeps touching your cheeks and laughs at everything you say. just being friendly? or flirting? or trying to tell me something else?

haha thank you guys and girls for giving me a clear view.. the big twist is this girl is actually my ex! so? I don't know does it make a difference? or does it stay the same?


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  • I would say that she definitely likes you. Most girls will be touchy-feely like that only if they are really interested in a guy. If you notice that she does this with other guys, however, then she may just be very flirtatious. However, from what you have said, it sounds like she is doing more than just innocently flirting with you. If you want something to happen, try asking her out.

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      Agreed with this answer. If girl's are generally more reluctant to talk to a guy they like, then a girl being touchy-feely is a great sign.

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      I agree with this answer...but now that you added that she is an ex...watch out...she might be 1) looking for a rebound from the last guy (unless that was you..if so she is showing you what you are missing) or 2) she is lonely/looking from attention and thinks she can have you with just simple flirting....or 3) she actually realized she made a mistake and wants you back....I'm betting with the first two answers :S