If a girl keeps touching your shoulders? What does it mean? if it means anything?

what does it mean if a girl keeps touching your shoulders or keeps hugging you and keeps touching your cheeks and laughs at everything you say. just being friendly? or flirting? or trying to tell me something else?

haha thank you guys and girls for giving me a clear view.. the big twist is this girl is actually my ex! so? I don't know does it make a difference? or does it stay the same?


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  • I would say that she definitely likes you. Most girls will be touchy-feely like that only if they are really interested in a guy. If you notice that she does this with other guys, however, then she may just be very flirtatious. However, from what you have said, it sounds like she is doing more than just innocently flirting with you. If you want something to happen, try asking her out.

    • Agreed with this answer. If girl's are generally more reluctant to talk to a guy they like, then a girl being touchy-feely is a great sign.

    • I agree with this answer...but now that you added that she is an ex...watch out...she might be 1) looking for a rebound from the last guy (unless that was you..if so she is showing you what you are missing) or 2) she is lonely/looking from attention and thinks she can have you with just simple flirting....or 3) she actually realized she made a mistake and wants you back....I'm betting with the first two answers :S

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  • flirting!

  • If it's just you she's deffinitely flirting with you (:

  • Definately likes you ;)

    • Thank you shy girl... you think even though she's my recent ex? she likes me.

    • Who broke it off? You or her? She might not be over you... or, because you have been in a relationship, she feels comfortable touching you. It's hard to get out of the habits we had with someone we dated.

    • Well she broke it off... : - / does that mess up my chances a bit.? lol

  • I would say not, but make it a casual date. Nothing too serious.

    Just go out and have fun!

    Let her know what she's missing out on!

    • Alrighty then... I don't know why its so hard to think of things.. because we mostly did everything already. lol but I got what your saying thank you..

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    • And see what happens later on? the only problem is we do live in the same apt. so I have to find a way to stay out of the apt for most of the day. and I guess try to show her the new and improved me.?? that's all I got to work with really I know I can't change her mind and I don't want to push it. so I'm guessing I should let her do her thing and try to keep away from her as much as I can.? and see what happens? also the lease ends in march so I have to find a badass job by then or win her back.

    • And see if we could live together again and try it our again... that's what I'm hoping either way I'm going to get a badass job. so? what do you think sally?? should I just let her do her thing with this guy and try to avoid her as much as possible and just be there to listen to her. and be there to be supportive?? that's kinda the only plan I got.


    A girl won't touch you unless she likes you...

    Take it as a good thing.

    About your ex. Who broke up with you? Do you still have feelings for her?

    If you do, it may be a good chance to get back together!?

    Keep us posted

    • Lol well she broke it off.. and yes I have feelings for her. I mean I still love her. so its a little confusing. cause I think she wants to get back and I'm hoping I have a chance. and at the same time it seems like there's no chance. its confusing as heck. lol

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    • Go for it buddy!

      Show her what she doesn't feel anymore. My advice would to be take it slow, be a real gentleman and be romantic and spontaneous.

      Nothing will get a girl more than a wonderfully cooked meal and the respect she deserves.

      Good luck!

      Let us know how it goes :)

    • Aight well she's been txting me now.. more than normal.. and for some reason I can't talk to her.. like I get nervous. I feel like if I say one wrong word it will mess up my chances. but I've been with for awhile so I don't know why I feel nervous talking to her. but anyways.. do you think I should ask her on a date or sometthing this weekend? or is that to soon?

  • I'm a touchy-feely kind of girl and I touch everybody's shoulders and arms, but not their face. And I hug only people I'm really close to or I like because I want to be close to them. That being said, unless she is doing that to everyone, finding you extremely funny and touching your face (touching you if you are the only one she touches) are almost sure signs she likes you. I would take a chance and invite her somewhere. Worst she can do is say no.

  • It's definitely flirting, I have tons of guy friends I never do that unless of course I like one of them. if she does that to other guys maybe she's just being friendly but if it's just you then she's definitely flirting.

  • Um yeah that DEF means she is flirting with you.. she likes you. She wants her hands on you every chance she gets and I am guessing she wants you to give her some attention back, but be careful, she may be trying to get your attention and the second you give it to her she may back off.. especially if she is your ex.

    • Wow thank you very much.. I got to look out for that.

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  • You may have inadvertently sleep walked into cheerleading practice and be on the lower tier of a pyramid. A gentleman would not look up.

    • What does that mean man? won't look up.

    • Pathetic attempt at humour on my part. I tried to imagine a scenario where women were touching my shoulders and thought of people standing on them in a human pyramid. Then thinking about the uniforms worn in such situations thought it wouldn't be gallant to look upwards. Nothing serious meant. Chill.

    • Na its all good man.. I thought you had like some philosophy behind it or something... I was trying to understand. but its cool.

  • Bang her already, dude!

  • She is dropping every flirt in the book at you, quit doubting yourself and flirt back! lol This girl is finding every reason to touch you...hugs, putting her hands/arms on your shoulders, touching your cheeks. She's laughing at everything you say which means that when you speak she perks up and pays close attention. She values what you have to say. So start flirting back with her and see where things go!

  • haha you seriously have to ask? of course she's doing some obvious flirting.

  • She's throwing you subtle clues that she likes you.

    • Even though its my ex.. recent ex actually.

  • Count on flirting! But she could be messing with you - girls are evil that way :p Of course I'm joking, you're so in bro!

  • I feel the wormth of that touch ! then let her bent on my sholder...

  • it means she's a retard and she wants to get so close that she gets a chance to eat them because she can't get her own.