Should I spill my heart out? If I don't do this I'm going to regret it!

My ex broke up with me as I had issues. He deeply loved me and despite being on the rebound with a girl he doesn't find attractive and has known for... Show More

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  • You should wait. If he is telling you that he he always thought you were amazing it could mean that either he really does think that or he is just trying to make you feel better despite being with another girl.

    If you tell him you must know that he is going to have a ton of leverage over you and know that you will be at his disposal, (I don't know the situation to the extent) but if doesn't want to be in a relationship its just going to drive him away even more.

    If the connection is still as strong as you say it is you two will get back together inevitability. All it would take is you seeing him in a social setting and it would be instantly on again. I can almost guarantee it (thats if he still wants to be in the relationship, but even then you keep feelings for your ex no matter what you just try and suppress those feelings). I assume you guys have a similar social circle because you were together so just go places that he goes and accidentally "bump" into him. The key here though is not to be blatant about it. If you guys have any sort of face to face conversation its very likely you guys will fall into a good vibe again and everything will be back to normal.