I'm not my boyfriend's physical preference, how am I supposed to feel about that?

I know he loves other things about me, but it makes it really hard to get into sex when I know he'd rather be screwing someone with bigger boobs, blond hair and blue eyes. Especially when he's so open about what kind of p*rn he watches and how much. Yes, I'm sure he thinks I'm "good enough" but I will NEVER be that attractive to him without surgery, and it sucks.

Do I need to know this stuff? Ugh.

Before anyone asks: Yes, he is my preference, so it's doubly frustrating.

The follow up: I dumped him for a guy that's crazy about me and makes me feel like I'm worth something. No regrets. Let this to be a lesson to all the girls that could empathize.


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  • What's his preference, and what are you?

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      Typical blond hair, blue eyes, big boobs, big ass, long legs. I've got brown hair, brown eyes, ass and boobs are fine, but my legs are short.

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      Well sheesh, maybe this website isn't my top priority. -_-U

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      You're implying that it is of mine? Pfft. I'm just saying the fact that you came on here awhile later giving the outcome.