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Why is my ex boyfriend so rude to me? Need help!! Read this!

I'm sixteen years old, just so you guys know that. Okay, here is the case: My boyfriend broke up with me about two months ago. We've been together... Show More

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  • i know how you feel. from my past relationships, I've learned this: a lot of guys hide their true colors in order to get with you, yes he smiled and was kind at first, but all along he's been a jerk, its a cover up hun, it appears as if he's changed but he hasn't. his true self is what he's exemplifying right now. I can tell that you have strong feelings for this guy, however, you should think about this: why would you want a guy who is turning people against you and calling you hurtful and degrading names? that's really messed up and no one deserves to be treated that way. I advise you to please stop crying (this isn't worth your tears) and show him and his little friends that they don't matter by ignoring them...then move on and find a guy who appreciates you and won't do those hurtful things. hope I helped =)

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  • Because he's a young immature guy that hasn't figured out a constructive way to express his frustration. He probably misses having someone and he's pissed at you for whatever you did that made him want to break up with you. It's resentment on his part. Just ignore him.

    • Ha ha, do guys get mad at you if they has feelings for you after a break up?

    • Yeah, I remember feeling that way around 19. It was like, "Why did you have to screw this up for me?"

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  • Leave it be. He's obviously angry at you for whatever reason. If you did nothing wrong to him then it sounds like he's overreacting and being incredibly immature. You don't need someone like that in your life and I'm sure you would be better off without that negativity.

  • ur ex is being very imature and I nt saying that due to his age did you ever ask why he broke up with you maybe the answer is in that reason if he won't let you talk to him face to face or on the phone write him a letter or even tx fb ect and let him no it was hard enough him breaking up with him but him now being unkind to you hurts even more and if there is a reason behind it you would like to no because what he is doing is not fair

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