What is the easiest, and painless way to die?

Its for a project hahaha I'm not depressed shessh. just let me know what you guys think is the easiest painless way to die (:

thank you


Most Helpful Guy

  • -A brain stroke while you're sleeping.

    -A big boulder, an A-bomb or comet falling right on your head while you're sleeping.

    -A jump in Polar Sea when it's near freezing point might take a few seconds longer.

    -Being an Afghan when a drone passes might be painful.

    -An overdose of anything might let you alive but diminished when you get out of the coma.

    (I've known that to happen to a very young girl I knew well.

    She committed suicide a few weeks after getting out of the coma, when she realized what was gone and what was left. An awful story.