He says he misses me but rarely calls and texts back?!!

I've been seeing this guy for a little over a month now. When we're together the time spent is amazing! We have the stupidest kinds of fun and he definitely shows affection. He tells me he misses me and how he loves my company. We've talked about what we want in a relationship since we are late 20's early 30's. But why does he rarely text back and call?! It's so annoying and confusing! My question is does a man really mean what he says? Should I be taking the rare texts and calls as a not interested sign? I don't wanna hound him because we're still very early on and I'm far from the clingy type. Just hate mixed signals! Men please input :)


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  • Dear... I can understand Ur situation since I had gone through something similar situation... In my personal view you should never expect anything from the opposite SEX unless or until you are committed... Since it hurts..

    Actually in my case I met this gal in a dance class and then we were not in touch for almost 3~4 years and then we again got in touch through Face book and we started to talk... Initially she use to talk a lot, but after sometime she started giving reason that her mom is around or sis is around...

    I keep on texting her and call her but she rarely pick up... And when we plan to met she is the most happy person on the earth to be with me..And enjoys every moment like it is the last one...

    So this has happen continuously for 2 month.. There was a time when I was completely truly nd maddly in love with her.. but she was not having time and I feel like she is ignorning me... so I stop expecting much from her and I would like to say I am a much happy person now...

    In my opinion don't ignore him, don't fight with him just don't expect, and may be he takes you as a very good friend and may be busy in some job or with family... so don't expect and the mixed signal will be stopped if you use this filter of non-expectation...

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      you're right thanks! until we're committed I shouldn't be stressing it too much! it just gets annoying constantly wondering if someone's serious or not

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      Now you are on the right track dear... but don't get derailed from this track since it will hurt a lot... and there can be times when you see that person with someone else.. so be prepared... and don't expect.

      Be good to him and be yourself since you have a golden heart... and let him feel your value in his life...

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