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I keep dreaming of my husband's best friend.

I have known my hubby's best friend for over 17 years. From the day I met my hubby his boyfriend has let it be known to me that he had a thing for me. He even tried acting on it one night but I turned him away. I will admit that I have always had a crush on him and it would be so easy to act on it, but I never would. I have had several dreams lately where he and I hooked up and then he's on my mind the whole next day!

I said it would be easy to act on it but I NEVER would. By easy I mean all I would have to do is tell his Boyfriend "let's go".
*Best Friend* not boyfriend LOL

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  • Keep that crush. there is no reason to ruin your marriagejust because the grass looks greener on the other is not always correct. Leave them as sex dreams that's it. There is a reason you fell for his best friends(hubby) and not him. i think you are just curious about what could happen. As anyone would be. But I would think in reality. sounds like you have a good head on your shoulders.