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If you ask a girl out and she says "we'll see", what does it usually mean for you guys?

if you ask a girl out and she says "we'll see", what does it usually mean for you guys? "no" or "I'll think about it"?

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  • It would mean I wouldn't bother contacting her again.

  • That translates to no

  • You're a girl, what does it mean when you say it? lol Anyways I'd think she is just too nice to say no.

  • I'd either think she was blowing me off or maybe I should ask her in a few days

  • It would be embarrassing since I would think I just got rejected.

  • It all depends on HOW she actually said that. The words are only 7% of all communication. The rest of body language and face expression. So it's not really WHAT rather than HOW you say something.

    If she said it in a fun, flirty voice it would mean to me that she wants me and is being coy and playful. Or in simpler terms, a "yes".

    If she said it in a dry, matter-of-factly tone of voice it would mean to me "Not so fast, I need to be woo-ed more first"

    ...and that she wants me :D

  • Personally, for me? It means: " Just forget it...Not in this lifetime boy'

    Or it could be that I'm not waiting for something that could take forever and that I'm pritty impatient :D

  • I'd take it as her playing coy, or telling me to f*** off. I'd be pretty unhappy with either.

  • What does it mean when you say it?

  • depends on the facial expression when she said it. If she was being playful, I'd ask her again in about 3 days. If she sounded kinda cold, I'd drop it.

  • I'm not interested? I don't think so? Thanks but no thanks?

  • That would be a "faaaaiiilll" in my books.

  • not a good signe it

  • i mean its a no...if she has to think about it, that probably means I want it more than she does which is not a situation I'm ever trying to put myself in

  • I take it as a subtle rejection! Inconsistency and ambiguity I don't tolerate too well.

    Partially it's because I'm impatient and don't like to wait in confusion!

    And partially because of job interviews... if they say "we"ll call you later" or "we'll revise your application" it means polite "sod off"

    I hate such acting.. why people can't just straight tell "no" if they mean it? Or "yes" if they mean it!


  • That's an unacceptable answer for me. I would see her as really indecisive and would probably give her a few days to make up her mind and ask her again. If she said the same thing again I would just give up and move on.

    • why ask again, why give her a few days? If a girl you liked asked you out would you say "we will see", of course not. I'm not speaking about you being single either. It means no, keep it moving my man.

    • She didn't say no so she's at least considering it. By giving her some time she'll make up her mind. Don't give up so easily.

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