My boyfriend said I should tone up?

i have a bit of a soft stomach if you will, and he poked me and was like, "you should go to the gym and tone up, haha, I like a tight tummy". and to tell you the truth, it kinda hurt my feelings. I'm not fat, but I'm not super skinny either. did he mean it like he is disgusted by how I look? :/


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  • he's probably not disgusted if he's still with you and having sex with you. He'd probably just find you more attractive if you toned up.

    Is he built/in really good shape? If he's pudgy or flabby himself, he has no right to make those kind of demands to you, but if he takes care of his body he does have a bit more leeway to expect the same from his partner.

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      he's skinny, becasue he's just like that. he doesn't work out, and he has a sorta six pack becasue there is just no fat there to cover it haha.

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      in that case, he really has no right to critisize your body. If it's really bothering you, or he says something again, you should bring it up and tell him how you feel

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      thanks :)