Why do girls act like they don't fart?

How come girls don't far in front of guys or kind of act like they don't do it...cause its unladylike? I actually find it more appealing and attractive if a girl farted it makes her more real, human, and likeable...you know?


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  • I agree with the people who say it's silly to pretend girls don't fart or eliminate.

    I agree with the people who say it's rude to purposely fart or to not learn how to tell when one is coming and excuse One's self or turn to a window :D

    Okay, readers, get your spiteful 'down' voting fingers ready ( I'm imaging they're the middle ones) . I'm about to be down-arrowed into a little pile of miserable boo-hoo-edness.

    I hope my info' helps someone.

    As far as girls vs. boys: Our human bodies' genders have been the way we are today for Ages so all parents train girls from an early age to be prepared for menstruation and the hygiene required to maintain health. We are raised to be more aware of our bodies than males are.

    By as early as the age of 9, many girls have started puberty and so can more quickly recognize a stomach cramp ( if for no other reason than fear that their period's come early) So, they either remove themselves to fart or begin to notice the pattern of what foods make them gassy and avoid them- as funny as farting may be, it is not usually a desired effect- although many males are encouraged to compete over bodily functions, girls, again, are raised with an awareness of how our bodies reflect our health.This fact of socialization is often cited as a reason women live longer ( not just stress or macho avoidance of safety)

    This is NOT all females, but many of us. It's also more associated with past generations who had more connection to food sources and less drugs so people paid more attention to little signs of ill health. If your parent has ever asked you if you've "pooped today?" or said " here, have some roughage. " You 'get' what I mean. It is sad but true that with the spreading out of community and the increase of the fast paced " oh, I'll just google it " world, we have lost track of our human selves, including our bodies.

    I will add:

    Not everyone farts all the time and when they do it's either a sign they need the bathroom or are sick/have food poisoning. I have friends who live on beans and spicy foods

    ( Jamaican,Italian,French and Mexican friends,for example) and they do not smell/make noise. Spicy foods that are marinated before proper cooking kill pathogens that sit in our intestines. The bad (not good ) or even just excess 'good germs' create excess wastes from eating all our poorly digested food that sits too long, or if we eat too much sugar or an imbalanced diet . The waste the microbes make turns into the gas ammonia which causes joint pain and acne among other problems. Our body needs to eliminate the ammonia so it farts. If your farts stink then you have an infection (bad germs) or too many 'good germs'.If it smells like what you ate, your body is not absorbing nutrients efficiently,a sign of infection/too many germs,again.

    Farts, believe it or not are not supposed to smell/toot. We all fart a total of about 40 (?) times a day just as humans. We breath,we blink, we fart, it's part of our bodies' mechanics.


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  • Lol I fart sometimes...but, I don't announce it or make it noticeable in purpose because it is unladylike.

  • I read the comments and feel like a.new breed of woman. If I have to Fart, I let it loose. I have cleared rooms, hallways, and my boyfriend tries to dutch oven me with my own stench because he doesn't have one. I can't say I ever really knew about the side where they pretend they didn't or hold it in. I just can't stand the feeling in my gut if I have to let it go, and it's completely natural. I'm not going to leave because some stinky air needs to pass through one end or another. It can lighten a mood sometimes. I have loads of imperfections, but I'm comfortable with who I am and that includes the wretched scented perfume releasing itself from my bowels.. on occasion. And yes, I see myself.as one of the guys. Maybe that makes me disgusting, but I've never had any complaints. Mostly competitions demasculating my dearest friends. :)

    • I think your awesome, you seem down to earth. Cleared rooms, hallways etc that is funny (funny in a good way of course). :) I actually read a study saying in general women fart three times more often than us guys and that a women's fart generally stinks way worse. LOL judging from what I have heard and experienced I am starting to believe it to but in all honesty I don't if women fart.

    • Sorry that was meant to say in all honesty I don't mind if women fart.

    • I don't think anyone should mind if anyone farts. The dog farts and everyone laughs, a guy or girl farts and "eeeewwww". lol

  • Growing up with two brothers I learned to do just the opposite of what you are describing. I won't do around a guy unless we are already friends though, because farting around someone you just met can be off putting. Otherwise farts are hilarious, especially if you are sitting on a wood surface haha.

  • Because society doesn't seem to accept the fact that girls are humans who fart and poop and sweat and do and think the same 'gross' things as men, and we feel we need to conform. But I like the way you feel about it. :)

  • Yep, unladylike. It's the social standard that women have been subjected to by society.

    Oh and we do fart, we are just more discreet about it.

  • because its unlady like, but obviously once you get comfy with your spouse or whatever you can fart in front of him/her, I don't fart in front of parents especially dad because its disrespectful and awkward hehe

  • Neither of my parents fart in front of anyone... not even their own kids. So I was raised not to fart. I accidentally let one slip in front of a good friend and its was super awkward, then hilarious!

  • cause obviously a girl's farts smell like perfume and they sh*t glitter and rainbows...

    you can just never tell ;)

  • it's embarrassing.

  • Because its not feminine, and it would make you look like one of the guys.Because unlike guys, we do it in private and don't brag about it.

  • Because we think guys will think we're gross if we do it

  • Because we don't, duh...

  • Because it's embarrassing! lol And yes, it is unladylike. I don't wanna be thought of as "one of the guys" to that extent. I like to show them that I can play video games and do other guy activities, but I like them to remember that I am still a girl, that they could potentially date. lol

  • Lol. Honestly, I feel the same way. We all fart. Makes no sense in hiding it!

  • It's the same way as a guy I know, didn't wanted to confront that girls need to use the toilet as much as guys. He said to me: I believe that girls only pee and that there comes pink clouds out of their bums. Don't tell me different.

    he knows the reality but doesn't like to confront it. I noticed myself too that when I was with some guys I used to hang with and suddenly burped, they were like: yuck, that's grouse. You know that's grouse?

    so in my opinion, guys usually don't wanna know any of it. Yet if you stick with a girl long enough, you'll know they both burp and fart, trust me. I have a friend of mine, she's been in a relationship with her fiancé in 2 years and she burps really loud whenever it fits her. So, you will maybe notice it, but a girl will of course try to hide it as long as she can. Move in with a girl one day - then you'll notice it! =)

    • I lived with a woman for 12 years, she never farted or belched around me. For the matter, she would not ever pee when she was in the bathroom. If she knew I was near by.

  • Well. Im. a. girl. and. trust. me.. i. can. fart. with. the. best. of. them... im. not. holding. in. no. fart. gas. for. no. one... it. hurts. to. much.. badddd. cramps...

  • Because we don't

  • for some reason I can control my farting abilities and I just wait to get inside the restroom to let it out, I've never had a public experience...

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  • My only experience with the women who were comfortable with their gas was off-putting. Two sisters were so comfortable with it, they'd have competitions back and forth for how loud or long it could be. They could clear a room in minutes =[ I think that's what girls don't want to be known for. Clearing rooms.

  • where I'm from its worse to burp in front of some one than fart.

  • Lol. It is embarrassing and not lady like


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  • It's because mothers tell their daughters stuff along the lines of:

    "Farts are little demons in your stomach, eating their way out. And if someone hears them come out, grandma will get cancer."

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    • what the what hahahahhahaa

    • That's actually a quote from "Scrubs", I am creative, but not THAT creative :D

  • My ex girlfriend would fart around me all the time, she thought it was hilarious, I didn't mind. Actually It made me feel as though she was more comfortable around me.

  • yeah, they're always hiding their farts and acting lady like, but then when I'm driving around town, I always see women digging for gold alone in their cars. what's that about? lmao

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  • I blame feminism.

  • It's not very polite. Generally you excuse yourself if so, whether you're a guy or gal. However, if you are caught in the act, pass the blame! Just because it's fun. :)

  • It's gross to me. I don't ever purposely make noise when I fart and I try my best not to do it by other people so they don't have to smell it. If a girl farted once around me and it was noisy or smelly I would give her a break and understand it can happen, it's no big deal. If she farted around me a lot I would think she is rude and smelly lol.