Why do girls act like they don't fart?

How come girls don't far in front of guys or kind of act like they don't do it...cause its unladylike? I actually find it more appealing and attractive if a girl farted it makes her more real, human, and likeable...you know?


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  • I agree with the people who say it's silly to pretend girls don't fart or eliminate.

    I agree with the people who say it's rude to purposely fart or to not learn how to tell when one is coming and excuse One's self or turn to a window :D

    Okay, readers, get your spiteful 'down' voting fingers ready ( I'm imaging they're the middle ones) . I'm about to be down-arrowed into a little pile of miserable boo-hoo-edness.

    I hope my info' helps someone.

    As far as girls vs. boys: Our human bodies' genders have been the way we are today for Ages so all parents train girls from an early age to be prepared for menstruation and the hygiene required to maintain health. We are raised to be more aware of our bodies than males are.

    By as early as the age of 9, many girls have started puberty and so can more quickly recognize a stomach cramp ( if for no other reason than fear that their period's come early) So, they either remove themselves to fart or begin to notice the pattern of what foods make them gassy and avoid them- as funny as farting may be, it is not usually a desired effect- although many males are encouraged to compete over bodily functions, girls, again, are raised with an awareness of how our bodies reflect our health.This fact of socialization is often cited as a reason women live longer ( not just stress or macho avoidance of safety)

    This is NOT all females, but many of us. It's also more associated with past generations who had more connection to food sources and less drugs so people paid more attention to little signs of ill health. If your parent has ever asked you if you've "pooped today?" or said " here, have some roughage. " You 'get' what I mean. It is sad but true that with the spreading out of community and the increase of the fast paced " oh, I'll just google it " world, we have lost track of our human selves, including our bodies.

    I will add:

    Not everyone farts all the time and when they do it's either a sign they need the bathroom or are sick/have food poisoning. I have friends who live on beans and spicy foods

    ( Jamaican,Italian,French and Mexican friends,for example) and they do not smell/make noise. Spicy foods that are marinated before proper cooking kill pathogens that sit in our intestines. The bad (not good ) or even just excess 'good germs' create excess wastes from eating all our poorly digested food that sits too long, or if we eat too much sugar or an imbalanced diet . The waste the microbes make turns into the gas ammonia which causes joint pain and acne among other problems. Our body needs to eliminate the ammonia so it farts. If your farts stink then you have an infection (bad germs) or too many 'good germs'.If it smells like what you ate, your body is not absorbing nutrients efficiently,a sign of infection/too many germs,again.

    Farts, believe it or not are not supposed to smell/toot. We all fart a total of about 40 (?) times a day just as humans. We breath,we blink, we fart, it's part of our bodies' mechanics.