Do you fart in front of your boyfriend/girlfriend?

my boyfriend farts in front me all the time. last night he did it maybe 10 times. I hate farting and I think its pretty nasty particularly the smelly ones lol. but he says he does it cause he is comfortable around me, (I think he does it too see how I react). do you fart in front of you girlfriend/boyfriend or do you hide it like a secret. and if you do when did you decide it was an okay think to do?


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  • Once you get comfortable in a relationship, you pretty much do anything you'd do alone. My sister's husband once even picked his nose in front of her, which is nasty, but I think it's cute that he feels so comfortable. Enough to be gross.


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  • Farting in the presence of a woman is the act of a depraved and shameless ghoul! My wife and I had his and her toilets installed in our bathroom so we can pinch our morning loaves together, but we draw the line at farting. Disgusting!

  • Of course we fart in front of each other. I'm not such a shallow twerp that I pretend women don't have bodily functions lol. It's actually a source of amusement for both of us haha.

  • I started deciding it was okay to let 'em rip around my girlfriend when she started doing the same to me.

  • It happens. Nothing big. My girlfriend is very good at not doing it, 3 years and nothing. Until one day this summer she accidentally gave out quite a huge booming one. Made me laugh for 10 minutes. Didn't realize that she thought it was super embarrassing until I noticed she was crying. I tried to comfort her, but I had some problems trying to stop laughing.

    Anyways, it's always OK to fart, it's a natural thing for humans, it happens all the times, and humans fart several times a day. I try to save my farts for when I'm alone, but if I can't it's no big deal, I'm comfortable around her, and she, I hope, is starting to feel comfortable around me.

    • yeah I accidentally let out a super tiny one and he started laughing at me so I pretty much ran and hid in the bathroom for 10 mins. since then he has been farting around me like I'm not even there lol

  • There's nothing I enjoy more than farting on my wife. She absoutley HATES it and gets very pisssed off. That's probably why I keep doing it. Farting never gets old to men. I don't know why. I never do it in public though.

    • speak for yourself bud

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    • Lol my grandfather to his grave loved to fart.

    • I forgot to add that every now and then doing the Dutch Oven is funny too.

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  • lmao I do when I'm pretty comfortable with the person. holding it in hurts my stomach so id rather just do it lol

    • A cute girls like you farting? nooooo it's not true! D:

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    • No lol I'm just messing :P

      I think girl farts are cute actually ;D

    • hahah I wouldn't go far as "cute". but if I comfortable with someone I'm not gonna be all uncomfortable because I'm holding it in lol.

  • I wouldn't care if a boyfriend did it in front of me once in a while, but if he's doing it just to broadcast it or make a show out of it, it might get annoying sometimes... I'm used to farts, as my dad does it quite openly. I might let one out once in a while around my guy if he made it known that it wasn't a huge deal to him. I'd still stay excuse me, but it's dumb to hold it in... especially those ones that give you stomach pain. =/

  • Yep! No shame.