Why does my crush want to tickle me?

Okay so I met this really sweet guy about two weeks ago. I'm a 19 yo virgin (also never had a boyfriend or any real guy friends ) and he is 18, we have went on one date and he is always texting me. Especially texting me before I wake up so I always have one when I'm up which is sweet, and before he or I go to sleep he'll tell me something like goodnight sweetheart. We aren't dating yet because I think he's waiting to ask me out in person. But He calls me beautiful, sweetie, angel, perfect, and sweetheart a lot. And says I have the perfect eyes and smile! But today he found out I'm very ticklish! Through a friend. And we are hanging out tomorrow and he keeps telling me he's going to tickle me so much! And he's gonna use this against me all the time. I'm just wondering why he wants to ticke me? Like what's so good about me ending up laughing at the top of my lungs begging him to stop, and squirming around like an idiot (my sis does it all the time so Ik what I do) like I probably look so stupid so why does he even wanna tickle me? ha ha please help I don't get it!


Most Helpful Girl

  • it's really not that complicated, he's being firty