Editor of the Week: justbanANNAz

Editor of the Week: justbanANNAz

This week we'd like to acknowledge an Editor who has been posting very original content, colored with highly engaging visuals.

Congrats justbanANNAz

justbanANNAz's choice of "gender communication/issues" topics, creative use of visuals and page layout (proper use of titles highlighting and text/visuals flow) has always been outstanding. Check out "The Girl Who Gave Her Heart Away" if you haven't done so yet.

During the last month justbanANNAz has published 6 myTakes which have received 436 opinions; a whopping 72 opinions per myTake. 5 of these 6 myTakes were "Featured" by the GAG Content Team.

Again, congrats @justbanANNAz; "Editor of the Week" award of 1000 Xper points have been added to your account.

Check out justbanANNAz's myTakes

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