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What do guys like girls to smell like?

Not necessarily a fragrance or perfume, just smells that you find appealing/attractive... Whether it's fruity, candy like, flowery...Etc Add the... Show More

Would you guys like the smell of strawberry smelling hair and a floral perfume scent?
And what do you guys think of coconut and vanilla?

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  • I think a girls natural smell is the best. No perfume is really needed, but it sweetens the deal. Also for some reason a girls hair always smells good too. I don't know, God bless women :).

    • Aaw that's sweet xD

What Guys Said 4

  • There are some girls that have this awesome smell that just straight turns me on, I always wanted to ask what it is, but I never had the balls to asked, I saw a girl with that smell the other day, she was hot. I think many exotic dancers use the same fragrance.

  • i would love the smell of wine ! and hate to smell them with ,.. anything unpleasant

    • U like ur girls drunk?

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    • Yeah.... I think it would only turn YOU on.............

      u don't speak for the male population.

    • I don't know why people thnk that male population has to be tooo machoistic ! common guys can also like the colour pink and like chocolates and vanillas ! I guess we all did when we were tiny tots but once we grow up we tend to be more biased.

  • I find that anything a girl uses is always "her" smell and never had to complain or bad thought about thhem.. I guess I like anything girly like flowers or fruit scents like strawberry :)

What Girls Said 1

  • im not a guy but I heard guys love vanilla! it is a natural seductive scent

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