Are Women Emotionally Immature?

Are women emotionally immature?

I recently stumbled across a used copy of a really interesting book by journalist Jack Kammer. He interviewed several different female therapists, activists, professors and others.

One of the women, therapist Laurie Ingram, said that women often flatter themselves that they're more emotionally mature than men, and that women's emotions mature faster. But in her professional experience, Ingram thought that a large percentage of women were functioning at the same emotional level as a nine or ten year old child: a combination of deeply insecure, entitled and arrogant, and passive-aggressive communication.

I thought Ingram's comment was very intriguing, and has a lot of truth to it. Not all women, certainly, but I've known or dated many women who Ingram seemed to describe.

Any thoughts?

Here's the Amazon page for the book: link

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    Honestly though, to demonstrate my maturity, I'll blame it all on society.

    • Funny!

    • The asker who asked this must be a genius. I couldn't have said it better my friend. You are a good man.