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How can I get my boyfriend to get more attached and clingy to me?

well I'm dating this guy, we are inseparable . I just feel like he doesn't realize what kinda commitment we are in. I mean, we had sex for the first... Show More

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  • Do not make him jealous! That, if anything, will just turn him away. I have a lot of fun googling what men like! Why don't you give that a shot? Get some ideas that way. Just, whatever you do, don't make him feel insecure, or hurt him in anyway. Always treat your lover the way you would want to be treated. Flatter him to no end with honest compliments. Let him know how important he is to you, and listen to his stupid stories about Wrestling Tournaments! Hopefully, this will get him to appreciate you and your kindness. Try to stay positive, and have faith that he will never bore of you.

    In short, treat him like a King. :) If he doesn't realize it now, he certainly will later, that you were an incredible girlfriend to him, and he would have an extremely hard time finding someone else who could top that.

    Think of new activities you two could do together. Try cooking something for him? But remember, if he has some guy friends, always be perfectly OK with him spending time with them sometimes, too. Good luck!

What Guys Said 1

  • Why the hell would you ever want that? First off, you are inseperable with your boyfriend, and that's a big step. Many guys want guy time, and time alone, and all that. Your guy seems to want to spend majority of his time with you. It sounds to me like he has a genuine interest in you. I know guys are just famous for saying whatever is appropriate to get in your pants, but he seems real. Honestly, sounds a little psycho to me that you would want to make him jealous and give him a reason to check in on you. He clearly trusts you, and doesn't need to. If I were him, I'd buy a bulletproof vest and would always search you for weapons before hanging out with you, in fear you'll eventually kill him or something. Sorry, you sound like a nutcase.

What Girls Said 4

  • Believe me you don't want your man to be jealous it makes the relationship fade trust is the most important in a relationship if he doesn't check in on you often then he trust you when he always calls and asked where you at you should know he doesn't trust you so he does trust you so keep it that way.

  • Play hard to get. Act aloof, distant... indifferent.

    If he is taking you for granted (and your affection) then you have to remind him what it's like when you aren't there granting his every wish.

    However, I have to say I am a bit worried about this questioning here. You seem to really be asking how do I get this guy to pay more attention to me and be as INTO me as you are him. Here's the problem... you CANNOT make someone want you. Bottom line - he is either into you or he isn't.

    I would say that you aren't getting the level of attentiveness you want from him. So communicate this to him. If you feel comfortable enough to sleep with the guy then for godssake you better be getting your needs met in the relationship. I do hope you didn't sleep with the guy in the hopes of getting him to like you more. Because my dear that will only backfire.

    Good luck! And please don't think sex = love or attention. It does NOT. I hope you have more maturity to understand that physical intimacy does NOT = emotional intimacy and commitment

  • I've been wanting to know the answer to that question as well.

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