How can I get my boyfriend to get more attached and clingy to me?

well I'm dating this guy, we are inseparable . I just feel like he doesn't realize what kinda commitment we are in. I mean, we had sex for the first time on Saturday. I wanted to wait till I got married for the longest time, and for him I felt the connection and I went for it he tells me he wants me forever, and we are really close with each others families. what do I do to make him get more jealous and check in on me? I feel like he thinks I'm going to be here no matter what. I want him to worry enough to where he shows he cares about the relationship more. ughhh. I don't know what to do.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Do not make him jealous! That, if anything, will just turn him away. I have a lot of fun googling what men like! Why don't you give that a shot? Get some ideas that way. Just, whatever you do, don't make him feel insecure, or hurt him in anyway. Always treat your lover the way you would want to be treated. Flatter him to no end with honest compliments. Let him know how important he is to you, and listen to his stupid stories about Wrestling Tournaments! Hopefully, this will get him to appreciate you and your kindness. Try to stay positive, and have faith that he will never bore of you.

    In short, treat him like a King. :) If he doesn't realize it now, he certainly will later, that you were an incredible girlfriend to him, and he would have an extremely hard time finding someone else who could top that.

    Think of new activities you two could do together. Try cooking something for him? But remember, if he has some guy friends, always be perfectly OK with him spending time with them sometimes, too. Good luck!