Does my sister want my boyfriend?

She is 22 and my boyfriend is 20 and I'm 19. She was with a guy for 2 years but they broke up and later on she found out she was pregnant and had a daughter who is now two. Her ex wants nothing to do with her and his kid and barely pays child support. She lives at home with the family and works a good paying part time job.

I introduced my boyfriend of six months to my family recently he is a very ambitious and sweet guy. He takes good care of himself and his family he can cook, clean, repair etc he is so amazing and my family loves him especially my sister.

Now my boyfriend came from a family where his dad walked out on his mother little sister and him and never took care of them. He spent his childhood raising his 4 year younger sister while his mother worked 2 jobs to provide for them. He hated his father and did his best to help his mother up to this day he has a well paying job and gives his family whatever they want. So when he heard about my sister's situation he got mad and decided to help her out which I didn't mind at first.

He would give her tips on cooking, give her diapers, baby clothes, toys etc. When we hung out at my house she would push herself on him talking about her kid and make conversation with him with this flirty look in her eyes.

She started asking him to help her improve her cooking skills and he taught her many recipes and they would have a blast making them in the kitchen ..yeah he would ask me to help as well but she always tried to take his attention away from me.

She even asked him to babysit and take her daughter to daycare every now and then(Which I joined him in) but I'm her sister why not ask me?I told him I was uncomfortable with this and he toned it down but her daughter got attached to him and would run to him every time she saw him. She even called him daddy a few times.

My sister then started dressing up more ( changed her hair, and wore makeup and perfume)when she knew he was coming over , she blushes when he would give her a simple compliment and tried to impress him with the cooking she learnt. She gives us no privacy at all, we can't even make out without her showing up and when he wasn't around mom told me she would go on and on talking about how much she appreciates him and that I'm really lucky to have him and she wish she had someone like him.

I decided to help her with dating but she would just turn down every guy I suggested without a valid reason which made me even more suspicious. I stopped inviting him over and went to his house instead and my boyfriend would get a lot of texts from her and he gave me his phone to see. I confronted her and we argued. she denied liking him and showed me a pic of a guy she currently likes but I don't believe her. What do you guys think?
Does my sister want my boyfriend?
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