Girls, do you always like the guy to text first? Why?

just as the title says (:

  • Yes, all the time
    74% (39)31% (19)50% (58)Vote
  • No, I'll texting him first too
    15% (8)19% (12)17% (20)Vote
  • I don't really care/notice
    11% (6)50% (31)33% (37)Vote
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Most Helpful Guy

  • I know I'm a guy and you addressed this to girls, but I'll offer just one word of advice: text a girl when YOU want to, when you feel like it, without worrying about timing or convention. You be your own man, and let your relationships be on YOUR terms. Any smart, secure girl would appreciate that kind of confidence from a guy.

    Better yet, forget texting. Call her.

    Best of luck.


What Girls Said 14

  • I prefer when the guy text me first cause for some stupid reason I go into this weird girl place in my mind that says, I'm being to needie, I just texted him the other day, he's probably busy. Plus when guys text me first I know they want to talk to me

  • Yes definitely but if it's a lot and just to say "hey" at first then it can get annoying even if I kinda like the guy...

  • if I like the guy then yes I would Love for him to text me first =)

    • But why is that? I don't like always being the first to text, I feel like I'm being annoying or something haha

    • Same see, if I like a guy I would text him first but sometimes he don't really say much..or not write back at I don't want to seem clingy and it will be nice for him to text me first because I would like to think that he miss talking to me and it makes me feel good if he were to write first =)

  • I reallyy like it when the guys text first because like everyone said, it shows us he's interested and is thinking about uss and that makes us happyy :P It also shows he has confidence but sometimes I text the guy first also .. why not?:P

  • we like it because we love knowing that the guy wants to talk to you and not the other way around and we like knowing that you want us...'

    and it shows me that the guys is thinking abput me

  • i really don't care. lol. I don't play games in relationships, if I want to contact him I will and vise versa.

    • Finally a sane person! if you want to contact someone, just contact them! don't think that you are constrained by society's rules and guidelines!

    • Exactly. if they like you then they'll respond in a positive way, if he doesn't, at least you know and can then move on.

  • I don't want to annoy them. So I rather they text me first.

    But I really don't care, and I will text them sometimes.

  • because it shows interest in us. they don't have to text us first all the time just at least half the time. we like feeling thought of and knowing that they're thinking of us. for me when a certain guy texts me first I can't help but smile and get all warm and fuzzy inside. sometimes I get the chills.

  • I love it when guys text/msg me first. So it doesn't seem that I'm the only one interested in having a conversation. :)

  • i love it when the guy texts first, because it would mean he was thinking of me and that we wants to talk to me:)

  • Yes as it will mean that he likes you

  • I prefer the guy texting me first. It shows me that he was thinking about me or wanted to talk to me. I don't care when it is or what I'm doing.. just text me. It says a lot. Besides, I don't want to text first because I feel like I'm being clingy or annoying or something.

  • yes, especially if you are insecure like me. or after a first date, it feels as though you're interested and care about them.

  • of course we like the boy to text first because its just a girl thing or that we don't want to annoy them, and we think its cute. trust us we won't think its annoying if we like you.

    • Well how do "we" (guys) know if you like us/don't think its annoying? haha

    • We girls will answer you and talk to which shows we like you boys. or they could telll you they like you.

What Guys Said 2

  • but you see the problem is the same for us! we need to feel that you like us too and that its not just us making the effort. if I were to text a girl first all the time and she never sent a text to me first, then I would feel that she didn't like me. for girls, they get a confidence boost, when guys text them! for guys, they get a confidence boost, when girls text them! so you should text each other first EQUALLY so that you both stay happy.

    • So true my man, so true