Why do girls and women stare at me?

its really weird, whenever I am on the train, in lectures, in a public place I find girls and even middle aged women staring at me. I am not one of those idiots who knows they are hot and wants other people to tell them, this is genuinely confusing behavior. a few years back people used to call me ugly when I was younger and I had no self confidence. I walked with my head down. this was only 4 years ago. nowadays my confidence is a lot better and people say I am good looking. I'm not sure about several things, are these women attracted to me, or do I just look weird like I always have and that's why they stare. also is it looks or my confidence that attracts women. a few girls at uni have come onto me, because when I am there I become sort of an alpha male and I think that might be attractive. I have no idea about anything. some days I feel good looking some days I feel ugly but no matter what women stare at me out of all the other good looking guys on the train. they don't stare and look away, a lot of the time they try and maintain eye contact with me. wtf is going on.


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  • You're attractive! Point blank period. Women would not look at you and maintain eye contact and come onto you if you looked weird or ugly, they would probably just ignore you. You're so conditioned to think of yourself as ugly that you don't accept reality.

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      That maybe true, despite all the confidence I show it all one big pretense. I really have low self esteem I just put on an act.