Girls LOSE interest when a guy SHOWS interest; how to deal?

How can an inexperienced guy (i.e., inexperienced with flirting, dating, everything) strike the right balance between not showing enough interest v.s. showing too much?

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  • When a girl knows that you like her back then it's sort of a signal that she can kick back and relax because she got what she wanted. We love the hunt and once we realize that you're into us too then we feel more comfortable, start wearing the sweatshirts versus the revealing outfits and soon afterwards if you don't pursue us or make a move we'll get bored. We accomplished what we wanted to get done and now it's your turn; we got you hooked, you get to figure out what you want to do with the mutual attraction.

    Hope that helped!

    • Well how can a guy ever get into a relationship with a girl? At some point, don't both people have to know of the mutual interest? Does the girl have to be "tricked" into thinking the guy really doesn't like her, until she ends up in a relationship without realizing it? This doesn't make sense at ALL.

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    • OK, thanks : ) It just doesn't make sense to me how those girls can EVER have a relationship if they get bored the moment the guy shows interest. It sounds more like a mental illness than "young and having fun." It's terribly retarded.

    • Haha I'll agree with you on that one, but don't worry the right girl will come around