Why do men prefer ditzy women?

They say they want a girl who is intelligent but the ones they're going for seems to be opposite of smart. Do men of more of a mindset where they can't make peace with the chick who knows more than them? Men get away with a lot more sh*t because their stupid girlfriends/wives will be none the wiser with his bull sh*t.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Ok truthfully, yes we feel the stupid need to be bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, etc. Its like anthropology. But its really a silly little thing that isn't a major factor. Smart girls aren't typically hot. The artificial guys just want a dumb a blonde with big boobs. Its more common in younger guys. Mind you, many girls act stupider than they are. But its also a girls' thing. What about the girls who want a guy with a 6pack. Or a guy with long hair and a guitar. So yeah, I hope that answered your question. ^.^