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Why do men prefer ditzy women?

They say they want a girl who is intelligent but the ones they're going for seems to be opposite of smart. Do men of more of a mindset where they... Show More

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  • Ok truthfully, yes we feel the stupid need to be bigger, stronger, faster, smarter, etc. Its like anthropology. But its really a silly little thing that isn't a major factor. Smart girls aren't typically hot. The artificial guys just want a dumb a blonde with big boobs. Its more common in younger guys. Mind you, many girls act stupider than they are. But its also a girls' thing. What about the girls who want a guy with a 6pack. Or a guy with long hair and a guitar. So yeah, I hope that answered your question. ^.^

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  • The only way a dumb girl can get by is if she's hot. Some times its painful to listen to them talk, but if its going to be a pay off in the end I'll put up with it. When I know their taken I avoid them like the plague.

  • Ditsy? You posted your pic up-side down.

    • It's meant to be upside down. :)

    • Haha, nice.

  • They don't. Ditsy usually goes hand in hand with dumb, which usually goes hand in hand with gullible, which makes it easier to cheat on them. As such, for easy sex, men prefer ditsy women.For actual relationships, most guys would much rather have a smart woman.

  • I know a lot of guys who girlfriend/wife is smarter then they are...

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  • I think by ditzy you mean stupid/unintelligent?There's a difference between being dumb and being lighthearted and having a bubble outlook/personality. I find it much more plausable that they're going for these girls because they've got friendly and fun personalities. You're probably just interpretting them as 'ditzy' and 'dumb' - you haven't actually met them all have you? : s

    • I don't wanna say the word dumb so I just say ditsy instead.

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