How to deal with players?

How do you play a player and teach him a lesson?


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  • Players are all about ego and being cocky/ confident... What you need to do to knock him down a peg is exactly what he probably does... But you have to remove any feeling from your actions... I know girls try the I am going to flirt right in front of you routine... But if you flirting with a guy you have to commit, you can't be looking over your shoulder to see my reaction... The problem with most people who try to get back at some that they just got played by is they over estimate the actual caring of the player...

    So... The one thing a player always thinks is if he wanted you back he could have in a second... The thing to do is completely cut him off... Don't answer calls... Ignore him when he is around... Literally pretend like he doesn't exist... He will feel rejected and then try even harder to pull you back in... That is when you crush the ego... This is harsh but let him know that he means and never meant anything and you were using him... It's all about beating the player to the punch... Play before you get played

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      Youre awesome!

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      Thank you, I just answer honestly and hope I help people in the end.

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      I'm actually in the same much as I tried to not get emotionally attached I did..we have gottan a little physical but not all the way...How can I teach him a lesson and walk away??