I can't build up the courage to talk to a girl at all.

I'm 18, play college football(Linebacker), I train with pro bodybuilders and NFL players so I am cut all over,I've been told on numerous occasions that I was cute and/or sexy...i even see girls staring at me when I run around campus Here is the thing I can't build up the courage to talk to a girl... Show More

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  • It seems like your insecurity from your past experiences with girls stop you from getting what you want.

    Remind yourself that your a goodlooking guy and that any girl would be lucky to have you.

    You gotta have that mentally or a girl isn't going to see you as a prize.

    • +1 I strongly agree.

      And as for advice to talk to girls,as silly as this will sound,try practicing in a mirror,it helps.When approaching the girl smile,relax,and try to be a good listener.If you appear to be nervous,you might come off as creepy to some,but if the girl is worth it,she will give you a chance :)

    • @Sexy-Senior-09:

      See the thing is.....i know its the insecurity thing but I just go numb at the thought....i mean had sum really epic bad rejections, like the kinds you see in comedy movies.....


      I tried that and got caught by my roommate...next day he put me on blast