When a guy says he wants to take things slow, does it mean anything else?

So me and this guy aren't officially talking yet but he calls me his girl to guys and his babe/love, we hangout a lot, but yet he starts flirting with more girls. Since he wants to take things slow, I'm not sure if that means he's not too interested or what? I don't want to be waiting around for him and then for him to become interested in someone else, I'd rather make it official and say were talking. I've fell into the problem of being screwed over,by waiting for this guy for a month or more and then him ending up back with his ex. I mean when I really like someone I don't really flirt that much with other guys and don't start talking to new people, but that what he's doing. So should I wait a little and go with it ? Meanwhile he flirts with a lot more girls and texts them all the time. The confusing part is that he told me he likes me and he knows I like him. So I don't know what to do,Advice please


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  • 1. I've told this to someone before actually. The main reason was simply because I felt that she might become too "clingy" if we took things to another level. I liked her, but I simply wasn't sure about committing to the relationship because of certain obstacles. So as hard as it was to throw her off of me and pass on her advances, there was a good reason behind it. I wasn't leading her on, we still were having fun, but it was better to make sure how I felt about her for her sake.

    2. I dated a really hot girl a few years back but before we dated, I was in your position. I wanted more than "friends with benefits" and she wanted to take things slow. What she actually meant was that she wanted to see what her other options were and go from there. I'm not advising this, but she was forced into making a decision one day after she found out that I was looking for a relationship elsewhere. Not really a good way to start a relationship in my opinion but it worked.

    You know him better than I do obviously. From my experience, he could be protecting your feelings or could be just selfish...you decide. Good luck!