Does a guy ever get over his first love? guys answer please

Does a guy ever get over his first love?

am wondering if my ex will because I was his first love


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  • They get over it yes, but never forget. Your first love is special.

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  • Yes he will. He will make sure to stay single for a while to make sure to find something better then what you were, so he can erase you from his memory. That's how it works for first true loves. For example, my ex left me, my first true love, my first wifey gf, I loved her with all my heart. Even though I didn't show it all the time, she was the best thing in the world. She left me for space, and then I find out she had some1 else. It killed me. I chased her for 7 months, begging and crying. And she complete down graded from me. So what do I do not, I talk to more mature girls that know what they want, so I don't get hurt again. When I talk to a girl and if I get that attraction or something interests me, I don't think of her for a single second. Plus you have to remeber, she left me and says I love you to this new guy, so she clearly didn't love me the way I loved her. Am I getting over her? Yes

    If she was to come back would I take her back? I don't know cause another guy has been in her, So I don't think so. But I think the only way I would take her back is if the first thing that came out of her mouth is "im sorry, I still love you, I never meant to hurt you like that." if she said hi, or anything else like how are u? or somthing stupid like that I wouldn't even look her way. So I'm telling you if you wanna go back then make sure that's the first thing out of ur mouth.

  • I'm still with mine, I'm sure I will never forget her..

  • wow, never come across this question before, but it depends on three different things, if he really cared, how long the relationship lasted, and how you two spent your time, he might not ever get over you, he might no even considered you his first love. I never got over mine, she was, and is perfect

  • Well do woman? I don't thinks no a guy with unanswered questions will nvr truly get over his first love for someone too get over there first love they must first get closure even with closure it will take a lot of years and if a guy stops dating over it obviously in tht aspect he can never fill the void and won't eget get over her so its he's and no depending on circumstances.

  • Yes, you can get over your first love. It's healthy to do so if things didn't work out. And no, you won't forget, but that's not saying much. In time the memories will be associated with no positive emotions or emotions at all so they are merely husks. If things didn't work out, it's for the best.

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  • yes they do!

  • i really wish I knew the answer to this becuase my boyfriend of a year still wasn't over his ex and we broke up over it and now he wants to get back together but I don't know if he's over her. this is a very confusing subject. I'm not sure.