Women love firefighters?

Why do women love firefighters? It seems to me that some women are infatuated with firemen. My question is why?


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  • Funny... um its the whole concept for some women to be saved... I guess by a man in a uniform... I don't know I like firefighters cause they are my heroes, not the color of the uniform they wear... but I would pick them over a cop anytime - no not cause cops are po - pos or whatever people call them these days but no offense to them most of them just break all the laws and don't help people... by the way I can back this up, there was this one time in my life, where I forgot my money and on top of that my metro card has expired and I was stuck in the city coming from school and I had to come up to a cop to let me in and this jerk and this other jerk of a woman both were sitting in their squad car chilling like the whole world should be at their feet and couldn't even let me in cause apparently I had money on me... and only one who actually cared about the work he was doing let me in now that's only one... this probably has confused you by now cause I'm not very good at explaining principles of ethics but my whole point to this is... there are those who help (firefighters) and then there are those who don't almost do anything at all (cops) not saying all of them but most of them do things that are unlawful!


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  • well I am not.but I have friends who are. I guess I would say it's the whole "Hero" type thing.

  • They're generally in good shape, and they risk their lives to save people. It's hero worship mostly. Plus girls like to be with strong guys. It makes them feel protected.

  • It's the hero thing, wanting to be saved, man in uniform - position of power!

    Myself, every fireman I've ever known has been a muscle-bound meat head. They seem to LOVE telling people what they do for a living, to impress women usually. Perhaps that's just bad luck on my part though.

  • They are really strong and it's a masculine job, and most of the time they're in shape too. And they can save you, and those fireman uniforms are hot.

  • It's just the uniform. It's any hottie in a uniform. It just makes them more sexy.

    I'm sure you have a certain type you might like. Say maybe a nurse. Same thing

    I don't think it has to do with the job at all, Just the clothes.

  • HaHa. I am one of those women! I don't know what it is, but a fireman will stop me dead in my tracks.instant turn on!

    I think its the risk of the job.the whole bravey/hero thing.aahhh I really can't explain it, but I am in awe.

    It is so bad that one day I was driving with my kids in the car, we came to a stoplight where there were 3 firemen on the corner testing a water hydrant.I quickly shouted to my kids."hurry! duck!".lol, they scrouched down on the seats and were asking "why mom?".hah I rolled down the window and gazed in awe as the firemen looked over and we waved to each other.grrrr

    That's soo terrible huh.

    I can't explain it, I see a fireman and I have a whole new "fire" I'd like them to extinguish.

  • I'm married to a firefighter, a truckie even. They're hot. :) I would have it no other way. His loyalty to his brothers (& sister!) spills over into everything & can not be waived nor negated from. He treats our marriage the same way. If there's one out there & he seems interested...go for it. They're gone every third day, for 24 hours, & if that's not something that you think that you can handle then he's not for you...his lifestyle anyway. Keep that in mind...

  • Some women feel the need to be rescued and take care of. I have dated firemen and yes, they are great men, but majority of them are such players and cheaters. Unfortunately, that is the bad side of it, the thrill seeking behavior! :(

  • There strong, help others they have hot body's

  • I think some women are infatuated because they see a man with physical strength, a protector or some just see the uniform and think sex! They do not do anything for me and when in town and I see women throwing themselves at them, I have a little chuckle to myself and think silly cows!

    • Agree with you totally. Women that go after men just cos they are wearing a fire- fighters uniform are pathetic & very shallow.

  • oh mannnnnnnn because their hot!

    most of them are!


    new york city fireman are the best!

    its kinda like.theres this big hot guy saving people from a fire?

    whats not to like?

    im sure this doesn't really answer your question.



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  • im a firefighter and you definitely can't have a peanut sized brain... there is a lot of things we need to know to stay safe.

  • They love men with peanut sized brains

    • We run into burning buildings when everyone else is running out...it's just what we do. smooth and cool under pressure.

      Most of us are aso EMT's or Paramedics as well, so we naturally show the general compassion for others.

      yes I am a firefighter/ EMT

    • They love men who love themselves & think they're gods- gift