Women love firefighters?

Why do women love firefighters? It seems to me that some women are infatuated with firemen. My question is why?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Funny... um its the whole concept for some women to be saved... I guess by a man in a uniform... I don't know I like firefighters cause they are my heroes, not the color of the uniform they wear... but I would pick them over a cop anytime - no not cause cops are po - pos or whatever people call them these days but no offense to them most of them just break all the laws and don't help people... by the way I can back this up, there was this one time in my life, where I forgot my money and on top of that my metro card has expired and I was stuck in the city coming from school and I had to come up to a cop to let me in and this jerk and this other jerk of a woman both were sitting in their squad car chilling like the whole world should be at their feet and couldn't even let me in cause apparently I had money on me... and only one who actually cared about the work he was doing let me in now that's only one... this probably has confused you by now cause I'm not very good at explaining principles of ethics but my whole point to this is... there are those who help (firefighters) and then there are those who don't almost do anything at all (cops) not saying all of them but most of them do things that are unlawful!