Girls would you ever flirt with a guy with a mole on his face?

Ok, I really need some advice or something. My friend has a mole on his face on his cheek. It isn't that big, but is noticeable. And he never wants to go and do anything because he doesn't think that any girl will be interested in him.

I wanna see if any of the girls will say something that I can say to perk him up. He's kinda been depressing our group of friends lately


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  • I don't know any women who would reject a man for the fact that he has a mole on his cheek. That would be completely wacky, shallow, and silly. Most women I know are poking and prodding at every insignificant flaw of their's too much to notice any "flaw" on a guy. And if anything it's the uniqueness of someone's face that makes him attractive. I bet a lot of women would find it appealing and attractive. You mention your friend has been depressing your group of friends lately. Not sure from your description, but I would wonder if his issue is truly just the mole on his face. I mean if it REALLY bothers him SO MUCH that he can't go out with his friends, it is super easy to remove. Therefore, it makes me think he may be depressed or have a self esteem issue that goes way deeper than that. In my experience, women reject men when they are out for the simple fact that, "they are just not looking".Guys are "just not that into you" girls are "just not looking". Sometimes we want to just dance with our girlfriends and would reject the hottest guy in the bar if he came along. Bottom line you're a good friend for looking for things that will make your friend's self esteem go up


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  • Im going to be honest, the mole thing might be a problem in meeting girls. Like, some girls might make fun of him, or laugh behind his back. He will have to expect that when he goes out.

    But there are a lot of things he can do about it, and meet girls easily.

    First of all, he will have to embrace the mole thing. Meaning, he will have to accept it, and any criticism he might get from people. If he can do that then he can go out there and show the ladies what hes got.

    What character does he have that makes people/you like him, as a person?

    Is he funny? Smart? Nice? Outgoing? Good dancer maybe?

    He has to show people something about him that will make them look beyond the mole.

    He has to be confident, and comfortable about himself. If he is too conscious about the mole, people will notice.

    If he is a funny guy, then even better. He will easily get the attention of women.

    And maybe after hes truly accepted his own flaw then he can even joke about it. People will laugh with him, and think hes really kewl, and just want to hang around him.

    As long as he can accept his own flaw, then he will be just fine.

  • I think that any girl worthy of knowing you does not perceive you by just your mole. There were

    and are a lot of famous people with moles. But to bring closer to home, a mole is natural to

    have-pigmentation differences?! If the mole is his true issue, it bothers him, keeps him from

    feeling good about himself, he needs to get it removed. He might have to go at least twice-

    once for consultation, second for procedure. But if this helps him go forward, he should do

    it. Also, why don't you check out some places for him and make it a outing for him. Let him

    know that you are there and give him the biggest smile you can. Good Luck!

  • some moles are even considered sexy. Remember Madonna in the beginning of her career? Or Maylin Monroe? Cindy Crawford? Ok, I can't think of any guy famous for his mole, but I`m sure that, if it`s not too big, it`s not a problem at all. Some people even used to draw their moles in the past.

    I have a mole above my lip and I used to hate it, but it`s never been a problem. When I asked my ex what he thought of it, he said "it works for you".

  • It's probably not a big deal and he shouldn't like someone who's so judgmental


  • Oh, no it does not really matter. There is a guy in my class with like 5 moles on his face and he is super cute! Plus if the rest of your friends face is cute it makes it like 10* better. as long as it is not bigger than a pencil eraser or hairy it does'nt really matter.

  • I don't know any girl who'd reject someone just because they had a mole. Some girls would probably even think it's cute.

  • Any girl worth her salt would NOT have a problem with a mole, it's a beauty mark, tell him to stop sweating it : P

  • Tell him to look at Enrique Iglesias. I think he is totally hot and so do thousands of other girls.


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