Why do girls not like it when guys wear speedos?

Surely you can "see more". Its like girl wearing short skirt right?


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  • Because it looks like briefs and at time that can be creepy, because we asume the guy is an exhibitionist . I'm fine with the long ones though. I also have a really creepy story, my little sister saw her math teacher at the pool wearing a speedo. She freaked out! The funny thing is she already thought he was weird and a creeper, the speedo incident did not help that one bit.


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  • It's awkward.

    I don't really wanna see your package unless I'm gonna be using it in the next 5 minutes.

  • No guy looks good in a speedo

  • Girls don't like speedos because they are just considered cheesy. Just think about when guy likes a girl who is not dressed too slutty. It leaves more to the imagination.

  • Hmmm...i don't mind so much.As long as you have the body to wear it.:)

  • Because they look like panties

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  • Storytime:

    Took my four kids & wife to water park hours away from home. So busy making sure kids had everything they needed, found that the only swim suit in the car was the small Speedo used in my USS competitive swim team workouts. The looks I got all day walking around that Texas park - not to mention the sunburn in areas that were not used to it - above the golf shorts tan lines. UGH. I wish we had run across a hope that sold some board shorts! Four kids have a way of reducing one's IQ drastically. Moral: unless you are on a swim team or in Brazil, cover up those Seedos or wear board shorts over them - not for public consumption, too much pubic.

  • One of the most ridiculous things I've ever seen. How any man can call themselves straight after wearing such a thing is beyond me.

  • when I was 22, and my body was chiseled ouf of wood, at 6-8% bodyfat... well, I never had any problems wearing one, and never heard any static from chix about it...

    now that I am 43, and the calendar is having its way with me... I would rather die than wear speedos... I have enough common sense not to inflict it one the public.

    Uh, the WIFE thinks I look quite dashing in them, but... that's about it... I model them for her maybe once3 every two years for a giggle, then they get returned to the junk clothes box, so I can remember what I ONCE had as a young athlete...

    if I were a horse, no one would want t put me out of my misery yet, but... I woul not get taken to any public showings, LMAO... yet, just like a retired horse, the OWNER enjoys taking them out in private and such...

    Its like those ridiculously TEENSY bikinis the chix wear... if you got the BOD for it, go for it... but, the public board of "good taste" will rear its head if your out of line judging yourself, lmFao...

  • no...just...just no

  • No... Just, like, no. Speedos are not like wearing a short skirt. They will never be like wearing a short skirt. There is no explanation *required* as to why girls don't like speedos.

    I take it you wear speedos? Hahaha. Do you also have long auburn locks and lift weights on beaches? Hahahaha.

    Also, this made me lulz; link

    • no I don't wear speedos- howver does your link mean that you approve it the guy is athletic?

    • No. The guy who I was asking you about is just that typical show-off guy, who wears speedos and lifts weights at the beach, y'know. I'm sure you've seen him in Loony Toons episodes.

      The picture was just lulzy because of the fat, hairy man with a massive f***ing cross, LOL.

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