What does it mean when a male friend keeps asking questions about your current boyfriend?

I often find it hard to "decode" the actions of men... I know that may sound silly as many guys don't speak in code (as they claim women do) - but I believe that many times you guys do things without thinking and it provides insight into your inner intentions that you are not willing to... Show More

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  • As youve already said, for the most part guys don't speak in codes.. I guess this could seem coded to somebody whos used to trying to read code (I know confusing right?)

    anyway it very well could be what you believe or he could just be interested I mean if yall are good friends would he not want to know more about the guy your having a relationship with? I could really see this being one of two things

    1.) He likes you

    2.) he thinks of you as a sister

    • that makes sense thnx!