What does it mean when a male friend keeps asking questions about your current boyfriend?

I often find it hard to "decode" the actions of men... I know that may sound silly as many guys don't speak in code (as they claim women do) - but I believe that many times you guys do things without thinking and it provides insight into your inner intentions that you are not willing to share...

Anyways - I'm currently in a loving relationship with my boyfriend, but I have a guy friend (who is seeing another girl ATM) - who keeps asking about my current boyfriend. Whenever we hang out or go out to the bars, he always has a question about where my boyfriend is from, what does he do, etc. I just want to know if there is some secret meaning behind his questions, like maybe he is secretly into me but doesn't want to get in between me and my current man. I know I could just be reading too much into it (as many women often do in situations like this) - which why I need advice.

What does it mean when a male friend keeps asking questions about your current boyfriend?

I just gotta know!


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  • As youve already said, for the most part guys don't speak in codes.. I guess this could seem coded to somebody whos used to trying to read code (I know confusing right?)

    anyway it very well could be what you believe or he could just be interested I mean if yall are good friends would he not want to know more about the guy your having a relationship with? I could really see this being one of two things

    1.) He likes you

    2.) he thinks of you as a sister

    • that makes sense thnx!

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  • I asked myself why I would ask those questions. If it was a girl I was really close with who I have known for a long time like a sister and she wasn't a romantic possibility then I would ask to be nice. I'd be curious like any other friend would be. But if the girl was a possibility then I would ask pretending to be nice but really trying to find out if he will be around a while and how you actually answer. If he won't be around and you answer with out confidence maybe I still have a chance.

    • hmmm... I didn't think of it like that... but it's something to keep in mind - but he hasn't been my friend for very long so I guess that's why I'm unsure how to read him since I don't know him that well

  • He either likes you or he knows something about your boyfriend that makes him unsuitable for you.

  • I see it as him caring for you enough to want to see if the guy you are with now is good enough to you.


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