Why do guys treat beautiful women better?

Last week I bought something of a store, the guy who works there was rude to me and my sister. (he asked personal questions)

today I go back to the same store, there was no one but him working there, so I asked him for some help and he was really nice and even told me that I'm beautiful.

the difference between that day and today is that I'm all dolled up and pretty in a dress, while on that day I was in baggy trousers and trainers with my hair oily and up

the example above may not be the best example but its not fair that only pretty girls get attention, I do not know if you'd think I'm pretty since everyone has different preferences but I don't get told "ur beautiful" often. and if I'm told it I would be all dolled up, its like saying you never look good without light make-up and cute dresses

its not fair how guys treat beautiful girls better.

Why do guys treat beautiful women better?

i think a real gentleman would treat all women the same


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  • Two reasons:

    1) The same reason why women give more attention to attractive males.

    2) Being nice raises the chances of them wanting to get to know you in return.

    Keep in mind that this was a different day. He could've been in a bad mood and you've just experienced both moods in such a way that your experience has led you to believe it was related to appearance.

    • thats why I said it isn't the best example, it could be anything, but its still rare to randomly hear "you're beautiful" or in your case "you're handsome"

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    • no I didn't do it on webcam I just sent a pic, but like you said they wouldn't give an honest answer anyway, no one would

    • Not true. Many people would give an honest answer. Especially, if you're anonymous.


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  • As the Best Answer is given out already, the short answer is: "Halo effect".

    • i usually give best answer to the first best answer I see, because, 1) I like quick answers, 2) he's first to state almost the same thing everyone else will be saying, 3)if I do see an answer that extremely out stands his, I just simply change best answer.. and lol at "halo effect" :]

    • It's actually a sociopsychological term. It means "attributing extra positive qualities to more attractive people, meaning you assume that someone attractive is also nice and etc. merely because he matches some criteria for your ideal image of perfection".

  • It is unfair. But it is no different than when girls reciprocate bad treatment to less-than-handsome fellas.

    People treat better looking individuals nicer because they are shallow and eager to draw attention.

    A real gentleman does not treat all women exactly the same because it is worse to give false hope.

    However, I can say that I smile and am friendly with all women no matter what they look like. And if I'm attracted to a girl I just step it up a bit and flirt.

  • You think this doesn't work the same way for both sexes?

    I went shopping for clothes one day in my torn up jeans, sweaty hair from being outside, and generally a little messy. Not a single sales person helped me. I was looking to spend around $500 on some new clothes.

    I went back the next week in a tight shirt, fresh out of the shower, with cologne on. I got tackled by 3 sales girls. One wanted my number so I could make an appointment to try on clothes she would order. Another waited outside the dressing room to give me positive feedback on every item I tried.

    People like pretty people. Don't fight it. It's the way things are.

    • true I have to admit I would treat the good looking person better anyway I asked this when I was feeling really bad :P

  • ahem, don't put the blame soley on guys. Women are guilty of the same crime.

    • True .. though I hate to admit it

  • Well the truth is that pretty girls turn guys on an they generally act on their best behavior so they can talk to the girl and figure out their chances. A girl that doesn't turn the guy on gets to see what is really on his mind. way he normally actsg rude, he's just acting the way he normally acts, like a di*k.

    And women do it too. I used to be a fat kid and when I was 17 I lost 45 pounds in 9 months. The difference in treatment at the beginning of the year versus the end of that year by women was night and day. It's a human nature thing, not a guy thing. People are douchebags, it's that simple.

  • he was trying to get lucky or wanted to make up for the other day

    and I also agree with the the best answer. For the same reason that girls are nice to guys who look nice.

    Don't you remember doing something nice for someone just because they looked good?

    Why did you do it?

    Another reason could be that his manager was looking and he had to be nice and he is just a mean hearted person

    or he could've had a bad day and wanted to make up for it.

    I have worked in sales all my life and I know how it feels to have one bad day and when you see them again you want to make them feel better because you feel bad for what happened last time but next time you see them they are un-willing to cooperate.

    • he didn't recognize me at all, he asked where I was from, like last time, last time I did answer, you wouldn't ask the same thing twice if you remember me

    • yes they would

      to make it seem like you weren't that important to remember

      ...like spitting game

  • Thats sucks but I personally make an effor to treat everyone nicely or with indifference. I stopped this pretty girl from walking past me at the customer service desk cause she didn't swipe her card. the older lady that she skipped in front of had a very smug look on her face. I know it doesn;t make up for it but I do try.

  • People of both sexes treat people of both sexes better if they're hotter. People just plain like hot.

  • This is bizarre. I see all women as beautiful, generally. Are there any other kind?

  • women are definitely not different if not worse. I've seen women shoot down some guys for approaching when their out of there league in the rudest ways... especially when their in groups

  • i guess instinct play its part here ;P


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  • The sad part is, most women are no different. Sure we'd all want to think in a perfect world we'd treat everyone the same. But the fact is we don't. I mean, it may not even have to do with attractiveness, social class plays a role along with race, disabilities, or other scenarios. But let me put it this way, it's just who we are and it's just our instinct. Beauty is presented to us in different ways in the media. In america we think skinny figures are beautiful along with plump butts and breasts. In some parts of Africa if you are very tall and skinny it's considered to be elegant and thus beautiful. So it's just what are society portrays and what we are told to believe. Sure it may not be right, but we're only human and it's our nature to be more attracted to people who are suppose to be representation of our society's identity of beauty.

  • People treat more attractive people better. They are nicer to more attractive people.

    Men are not just nicer to more attractive women but dissmissive of less attractive women because what they value in women is youth & beauty.

  • It's called the "Halo Effect". It basically means that people who are "good looking" are treated better because people put them on a pedestal and assume they are a better person by being charming, personable, smarter, funnier, etc. Biological anthropologist Helen Fisher has talked about this.

    Here's a link to a 2020 episode on the "The Privilege of Being Beautiful". I saw it when it first came aired. It was REALLY interesting!


    Helen Fisher quotes on the "Halo Effect":

    We want to associate with beautiful people because we think their lives are so much better than ours, said Rutgers University anthropologist Helen Fisher.

    "It's just remarkable the attributes we give to a human being who is good looking," Fisher said. "We think that they are smart. We think that they're funny. We think that they're friendly and warm, and social and popular."

    "Men are more willing to move your furniture if you're a beautiful girl," Fisher said. "They're more willing to donate blood to you. They're more willing to stop on the side of the road and help you change your tire."

    "People assume that a person who's very good looking is doing a better job than in fact they are doing. So they rise up in the company, and they have more status. They have more power," she said.

    "When men take a look at a good-looking woman, all kinds of parts of the brain become active so that they can feel better. They want her," she said.

    And here she goes more in dept as to WHY:

    "I suppose it is stupid, but natural selection has evolved all kinds of mechanisms in order to win, and this is one of them," Fisher said.

    By natural selection, she means thousands of years of evolution. Good looks are often a sign of health and fertility, so evolution has conditioned us to prefer certain looks.

    "Don't forget, it's survival of the fittest, and if you have four children and I have no children, you live on and I die out," she said. "So this game of attraction really matters."

    Fisher pointed out that we couldn't help our reaction to beauty. It's just automatic.

    Does this clear up your question?

  • Same reason we treat handsome guys better.

  • They want to impress pretty girls so they will go out of their way to be nice in order to gain approval and favor from her. I think everyone does it, the only thing is wrong when they are RUDE to someone they aren't attracted to. There are a lot of guys who do that and it shows that they only care about a woman's looks. The best guys are the ones who are respectful to women no matter what they look like, I'm not saying flirt just don't be an ass