Why do guys treat beautiful women better?

Last week I bought something of a store, the guy who works there was rude to me and my sister. (he asked personal questions)

today I go back to the same store, there was no one but him working there, so I asked him for some help and he was really nice and even told me that I'm beautiful.

the difference between that day and today is that I'm all dolled up and pretty in a dress, while on that day I was in baggy trousers and trainers with my hair oily and up

the example above may not be the best example but its not fair that only pretty girls get attention, I do not know if you'd think I'm pretty since everyone has different preferences but I don't get told "ur beautiful" often. and if I'm told it I would be all dolled up, its like saying you never look good without light make-up and cute dresses

its not fair how guys treat beautiful girls better.

Why do guys treat beautiful women better?

i think a real gentleman would treat all women the same


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  • Two reasons:

    1) The same reason why women give more attention to attractive males.

    2) Being nice raises the chances of them wanting to get to know you in return.

    Keep in mind that this was a different day. He could've been in a bad mood and you've just experienced both moods in such a way that your experience has led you to believe it was related to appearance.

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      thats why I said it isn't the best example, it could be anything, but its still rare to randomly hear "you're beautiful" or in your case "you're handsome"

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      no I didn't do it on webcam I just sent a pic, but like you said they wouldn't give an honest answer anyway, no one would

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      Not true. Many people would give an honest answer. Especially, if you're anonymous.