How should a married man approach you if he likes you?

Please don't lecture me about the sanctity of marriage. I don't want to explain the complications of my marriage, I just want your opinion of how a married man should approach a single lady to let her know he is attracted to her. What signals can he give to let her know. What signals will she give if she is not interested? Will the lady tell everyone or be discreet? Please give honest answers in a case where you are attracted and a case where you are not. What would you do? Would you intentionally try to embarrass him if he was the shy quiet type?

Thank you for all of your input. I don't want end this marriage, but also don't want to be miserable, so I have decided to find someone online who is willing to be a friend with benefits and will not want more. This should be much safer.


Most Helpful Girl

  • A lot of eye contact, make her feel special, ask her questions that keep her talking about herself, engage in conversation at every opportunity. This should get the ball rolling and let her know you have more than a friendly interest. After this she should be able to let you know if she's interested also. If she is then maybe you can ask her for coffee or lunch. If she says yes then you've got your green light. If she says no she may be hesitant because of your marital status. IF she is truly not interested from the start she will find a reason to stay clear of you by not being anywhere you're at. If she is offended that a married man is hitting on or flirting with her, be careful. I've heard stories where the woman embarrasses the guy to put him on public display for his actions. I too know the complications of marriage but have been attracted to other men. My personal opinion is that you don't want to leave the one you're with but you need to find something to make you smile again and make it through another day. It's less complicated that way. Good luck.