If a girl says "you're a great nice guy"?

what does that mean? I ask a girl what she thinks about me, she said I was funny, outgoing, and I think your a great nice guy. like is she interested in me, or just saying I'm a good friend. we Haven't dated yet, we been to a couple places together just me and her, but I never asked her out on a date. also I asked her, are you looking for a boyfriend right now, she said no I'm going to try to focus on school, does it mean she is not looking, but does it leave her open, like she won't turn down me because she is not looking for a boyfriend right now?


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  • what does that mean? Mostly like that she likes you as a person and you're a good friend.

    I say most likely because:

    #1 she said it because you asked she didn't say it randomly or out of the blue

    #2 it doesn't seem like you let her know you were interested in her or attracted to her. If you're friendly to a girl without letting her know you're interested she'll think friendly = I want to be friends

    but does it leave her open, like she won't turn down me because she is not looking for a boyfriend right now? She'll most likely turn you down

    • so do you think I should let her know that I am interested in her as more than friends? eventhough she doesn't really know me that well

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    • umm it might not be too late, we have only really talked for 2 weeks, although we known each other for a long time since middle school, but we didn't "know" each other, we just said stuff like hi and bye

    • Cool then go for it.

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  • She seems to be interested try asking her out casually and if you got rejected don't get too mad

    • i want to but I would like to get to know her more and for her to know me more, like if I ask her out than it might be awkward at first. I known her for a long time, but I never did really talk to her, only like maybe once every 3 months and it wasn't long at all, but here the past two weeks we have been talking a lot, mainly due to me by asking her questions and stuff, I liked her, I had a crush on her when I met her, I still like her, but I'm still seeing if she is interested

  • Ask her out. Maybe I'm crazy but I like to be asked a few times before I say yes. She is in school and does not want a relationship to distract her. It does not mean a relationship os completely out of the question. Just do it.


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  • To be described as a 'nice guy' by a girl means only one thing: "Welcome to Friendzone!"

    • yea that's what I also think, but then again I also got broken up with because I'm was too nice.

    • 'Too nice', or 'too unassertive'?

    • lol she said too nice, I know it wasn't to unassertive, I was confident and I usually lead the way, and make most of the decisions, not saying "its up to you, what do you want to do?'

  • Friendzoned man.

  • not good brotha not good...basically she is saying you are such a nice person but you don't turn me on...basically she sees you as husband material, but she is like "he doesn't turn me on as much" for me to date him...

  • friend zone