I like Arab guys, but it seems like they only want white girls. What's up with that!?

I even have a Muslim friend from Pakistan who feels that most Arab guys just chase after white girls. What's up with that!? >:( Why is it that people seem to always be chasing after white girls when in reality, they tend to have the most common, predictable, unoriginal looks? I don't get it. Someone please explain. Have you ever seen an Arab guy dating or in a serious relationship with a girl who wasn't white or Arab? Any ladies, please tell me of your interracial dating experiences with Arab guys?

I really wasn't trying to insulte white girls, but it's true. Most of them look like there are at least 30 other coppies of them that you have and will have seen in your lifetime.


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  • I sorta agree with you. In my school it's like 70% of the white girls have "Perfect, Blond hair. Thin body, and skinny jeans" and seriously I swear I saw the same girl 5 times in the hallway. I wish they would at least TRY To be different and add some kind of accessories...

    Also... I just wanted to say I agree with you since a few girls got mad..

    As for the guy, I really wish you luck. I'm sure there's a Arab guy out there for you :D

    • thanks for being understanding and not just judging me but actually standing back and seeing if there was truth to what I said :) yeah I hope there is because they seem so sweet.

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  • I'm Arab ( kind of ) and I like pretty much everyone. What are you by the way?

  • Personally, I'm sick of white girls. I think they're over rated now. Cocoa skin is my cup of tea.

    What race are you?

  • Lol this made me laugh!!! I think you're right, I'm an Arab though, and I absolutely prefer Asian girls more than anything!!!

  • I am Syrian , I honestly wana tell you that it doesn't work for me this way, white , blond , tan ..etc

    my brother is seeing an English tan girl , and it seems that they do love each other , but it's common to see that tan guys are more interested in white girls , like KNOWMEYOURSELF have mentioned it's the opposites attract , just don't put in mind walls aren't exist :)

    good luck .

  • Its because White women fall in the Caucasian race. Arabs are also Caucasian or Caucasiod. Most Arabs also find other Arab women, Hispanic (non-black) and light skinned Indian women to be extremely attractive, you know why? because Indian and Hispanic women also have Caucasian features. The same goes with the preference of Indian men. You will find a similarity in their preference. Most of the time, these races go after a light skinned woman of their own race or a white women (because white women are by default light skinned caucasians). Its rare to find Arab and Indian men attracted to black or east Asian women. They mostly go after their own or Latina/white women simply because they too are Caucasians.

    Of course there are always exceptions to this rule and you may always find an Arab guy who may like you, but what I explained above is true for most Arab men. Also I think you are being extremely judgmental of white girls. Maybe some blonde girls look alike not all, but most brunette, red haired, dark haired white girls look distinctly beautiful and exotic.

    South Asian/Latina/Arab women usually look very exotic and beautiful despite all of them mostly having dark hair and dark eyes, so the person who tried to indicate that dark hair and dark eyes is boring probably has never met Indian, Arab, Latina women.

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  • i don't think its entirely true because i've been hit on by muslim guys often too and i'm not white lol

  • I haven't dated any Arab guys, even though I have common, predictable, unoriginal looks. Must just be you.

    • lol, what must just be me?

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    • lol, you are the one who starting a flame fest with people and my two comments tell you that I have a lot of free time? I still think its a matter of perspective. I don't know where you are from but I'm sure that some people will look at you and your relatives and say that you all look the same. I was just trying to make a point, isn't that what this site is for? I'm also done arguing with. good luck :)

    • it wasn't really a flame fest, just a heated debate. there's a difference between looking like your relatives and looking like a lot of other people whom you've never even met

  • Evolution wise, people tend to go for someone who looks very different from them to avoid inbreeding. The less there is of something, the more people are going to want it,. For example, there are less Asians in my area and they are in high demand. Maybe you haven't made enough of an effort to get to know the guys you like. Don't make this a race issue and insult another race just because you are upset and unhappy about a situation, that just makes you look incredibly insecure. Guys of any race PREFER confident girls over girls who aren't.

    • I really wasn't trying to insulte white girls, but it's true. Most of them look like there are at least 30 other coppies of them that you have and will have seen in your lifetime

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    • lmao you don't know what I can and cannot get! You don't know if I've dated an Arab guy before. Don't feel sorry for me. I'm going to age wonderfully and your purple and green veigns are going to show up while your skin sags and the nasty dry mud dots appear everywhere or you're going to get so sun burned this summer that you can't move and your skin is hilariously pink orange. I'm not looking to win an argument. I simply don't think white women are all that attractive. Then you simply came...

    • and FAILED to prove that wrong. Maybe your statistics show that their features are the least common among the world. But there are white people all around me and none of them look exotic at all espeically compared to the interesting beauty I've seen. I'm not racist. I have white friends, I just don't think they're looks are all that great

  • arab guys like a white woman to get a green card, an arab girl in bed, a hispanic to dance for them , an Asian to cook and a black to kick their asses... there argument solved :D

  • White people vary a lot. Not all are blonde and have blue eyes. Move on.

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