I like Arab guys, but it seems like they only want white girls. What's up with that!?

I even have a Muslim friend from Pakistan who feels that most Arab guys just chase after white girls. What's up with that!? >:( Why is it that people seem to always be chasing after white girls when in reality, they tend to have the most common, predictable, unoriginal looks? I don't get it. Someone please explain. Have you ever seen an Arab guy dating or in a serious relationship with a girl who wasn't white or Arab? Any ladies, please tell me of your interracial dating experiences with Arab guys?

I really wasn't trying to insulte white girls, but it's true. Most of them look like there are at least 30 other coppies of them that you have and will have seen in your lifetime.


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  • I sorta agree with you. In my school it's like 70% of the white girls have "Perfect, Blond hair. Thin body, and skinny jeans" and seriously I swear I saw the same girl 5 times in the hallway. I wish they would at least TRY To be different and add some kind of accessories...

    Also... I just wanted to say I agree with you since a few girls got mad..

    As for the guy, I really wish you luck. I'm sure there's a Arab guy out there for you :D

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      thanks for being understanding and not just judging me but actually standing back and seeing if there was truth to what I said :) yeah I hope there is because they seem so sweet.