Why are woman so selfish or self obsessed?

Could I just get a reasonable answer.


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  • Hm, interesting answers, but I believe the OP for the most part is right. I have yet to meet a girl who wasn't at least a little bit selfish or self involved. The most simplest answer is. Girls are emotional. From my experience it's a reflection of an insecurity of wanting to be accepted. Whether it's from guys in general, or one guy in particular. The sluttier the clothes, the more guys that look. The more expensive the things, the more value they think they have. Even if the girl is perfectly happy with herself, this behavior could spawn from an insecurity within a relationship. It's all relative, but as I said, easy answer is girls are emotional.

    • Thank you, exactly what I was asking for. I just wish there were more girls as open minded as you.

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  • Well, why do some guys use girls. Can I get a reasonable answer Please.

    • I agree, does anybody have any reasonable answer?

    • Please, as if some girls don't use guys too...

    • Guys use girls for sex because for guys sex doesn't have to be an emotional act at all. Not the case for girls most of the time. We're just trying to have a good time and relax, but girls usually want something more than just the physical stuff.

  • What and how do you want us to answer your questions?? Girls are girls we're all different - not all girls are selfish and self obsessed!! There is no reasonable answer unless you having a problem with a selfish bitch!! And also why don't you answer me this question why do you want a girl all made up like some stupid Hollywood princess - wear make up, show her cleavage and a behind, wear a freakin dress, have her hair done - yea maybe you're not like that but why is it if I'm dressed like a closed in meek girl with my hair not done guys don't look once I'm not talking about twice even but when I got make up on and some tight ass jeans and heels that can poke your eye out, you pay attention?

    • I especially don't want a girl made up. She should be real. The only reason why some people stand out among others is the same reason a red apple stands out among green ones.

  • Well since were talking about self obsessed girls that are selfish lets talk about the most common backgrounds that they come from. If their from a small family (only child or two kids) or are very wealthy then you can expect them to be the most stuck up and self centered people you've ever meet. They are the ones that think looks get them every where so they get self obsessed beyond compare and "have" to have the "in" clothing. The ones that are selfish, you'll find, are the ones that are conformist and have no personality, their just like all the other girls you'll meet that are self obsessed and selfish.

    I do think it's unfair for you to suggest that all women behave in that manner. They don't. I'm sorry that you have had such a poor sampling of them though.

  • It depends where you are looking. You just may be in the wrong crowd. I have come across many girls who seem to fit the criteria of being materialistic/shallow. Those are usually the so called, "hot girls" or "preps". Yet, as you must know, not ALL woman are this way. My friends and I for instance are the exact opposite, yet depending on what the guy is looking for, he may go for the other girls.

  • What I think is that most girls that act like that. They think that they deserve something for some reason. Those thype of girls are called stuck up and you should stay away.

    Also some girls just act that way because of a group they hand out with or personal reasons and it is you job to kind of separate them from the others.

    So my advise would be to really get to know the girls you're talking and see if its all just a front

  • Some girls grew up being spoiled and getting what they wanted from friends or family, or those who they felt were below them. Alot of girls are self obsessed because we're always worried about how we look. We worry that we won't look good enough for a guy, or our boyfriends, or other people that we're around. Society and fashion has made us like that. That we have to dress a certain way, or worry about our weight or wether we're cool enough or not. Mostly the girls that are selfish are the ones that are the preppy type or the materialistic type that care more about clothes and accessories than people. I just depends on who you're looking at or talking to. But, all women worry about what we look like just because we're afraid we won't be good enough for guys. That's all. I hoped I helped.


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  • Because it's what guys demand from them. Most guys expect their women to care more about their appearance than they do, which naturally leads toward self-centered behavior.

    but in general, guys can be just as self-obsessed. It really depends on the person, both with guys and girls.

  • Every thing on the planet that has a - self - is even a little bit self-centered. If we didn't take care of our own needs, who would? :)

    Having traveled to other countries, though. I can appreciate the difference of the way women act in different cultures. Americans live in a consumer-driven society (acquiring things), with not much community togetherness. So that only helps promote thinking of one's self. Women get a lot of attention no matter what culture you are in, and I assume you spend a lot of time checking them out so you would notice them being selfish more often. There are plenty of men out there who are worse.

    There are tons of books out there that explain at length the behaviors of the sexes, but one last thing I'll write. Women who *forget* why they are filling their needs, and think that they should get things in life just for breathing. Those are the real selfish ones!

  • Parents raise their girls to believe that they are the only thing that matters. The "I'm a little princess" syndrome is such a fundamentally flawed concept that becomes deep seeded in a females mind.