Would a girl that's "too hot for you" put you off?

I'm going to sound so conceited whichever way I word this such. I'm not a superficial person, I study medicine and devote my life to charity. I met my boyfriend at university, he was overweight, tall and mot typically gorgeous. I thought he was perfect. Over the course of our two year relationship... Show More

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  • Yes it is possible but it all stems from the guy's low self esteem/poor self image/insecurity. Unless he can do something to raise his own self image and self esteem he will always be wondering in the back of his mind what someone like you could possibly see in him, and it CAN (not saying it will, but CAN) lead to lack of trust of you and other things that COULD cause the relationship to implode on itself. Unfortunately there isn't really anything YOU can do on your end to help that you aren't already doing, except formaybe stepping up to defend him when your friends say things like that about him.

    In my experience the best thing he can do for his own self image (because this worked for me despite being overweight and not exactly being successful with the ladies) is trying to move up in life by doing things such as getting a better job or education, etc. But for him he may need other things instead.

    • Oh I do defend him, even though it's weird now because we've broken up and not many people know we're quietly seeing each other. He's so cocksure in everything else! He's got confidence, he's a real man, that's why I love him. He's started doing charity work too, and trust me, he's not the stereotypical type to do that. I'm just worried that by doing things that would make me more "attractive" it will drive him away. He hates having a weakness. Esp it being me, a girl.