What do you think of guys having gap between front teeth?

I have gaps between my front teeth both in my upper jaw as well as lower jaw. Do you think it's really ugly? I know girls take special notice of teeth. Would you ever date such a guy?


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  • I've been wondering the same thing! (well, if guys would date me) I have gaps (like 6 medium to small ones) from where I had 4 teeth taken out (and the gap between my two front teeth on both levels). They aren't huge gaps, because I had braces, which moved them closer. I stopped wearing my retainer which caused the moving to stop. Sorry, too much information

    My point is this:

    I would date you. Teeth aren't ranked very high on my list. As long as you care for them, then I don't have a problem.

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      Yeah I am 24 and I don't know if I can go for any corrective measures anymore. I asked this question on another board and everyone said that teeth are important and they wouldn't date anyone unless they have straight teeth. lol. Kind of frustrating.

      Thanks for your reply though. Teeth aren't high in my list either.

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      You are really broad minded. That's really great. :)

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      Thanks! :D