What do you think of guys having gap between front teeth?

I have gaps between my front teeth both in my upper jaw as well as lower jaw. Do you think it's really ugly? I know girls take special notice of teeth. Would you ever date such a guy?


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  • I've been wondering the same thing! (well, if guys would date me) I have gaps (like 6 medium to small ones) from where I had 4 teeth taken out (and the gap between my two front teeth on both levels). They aren't huge gaps, because I had braces, which moved them closer. I stopped wearing my retainer which caused the moving to stop. Sorry, too much information

    My point is this:

    I would date you. Teeth aren't ranked very high on my list. As long as you care for them, then I don't have a problem.

    • Yeah I am 24 and I don't know if I can go for any corrective measures anymore. I asked this question on another board and everyone said that teeth are important and they wouldn't date anyone unless they have straight teeth. lol. Kind of frustrating.

      Thanks for your reply though. Teeth aren't high in my list either.

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    • You are really broad minded. That's really great. :)

    • Thanks! :D

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  • i know that I'm big on teeth, but one guy I did date for a little while did have a pretty big gap btw his front teeth, at first it was noticable to me, but you know what he had a GREAT personality to make up for it, and b4 you know it I wasnt noticing it much at all.i think its worse if you act insecure about it when talking to someone, such as turning away when speaking and stuff because then your only focusing more attn on it, hope that helps!

    • Yeah. That shows how power of confidence can make up for flaws. Kudos for dating him even when it bothered you a little at first. Goes to show how open minded you are. Why did you leave him when you are saying he was "GREAT"? Just wondering. :)

    • Lol my ex boyfriend came back soooo I went back with him(not even with him nemore lol), but I'm actaully really good friends with the other guy now, so at least I got a friendship out of it

    • It sucks for the guy I guess. lol

  • Hey don't let it get you down,

    Im in love with a guy with a gap in his front teeth in his upper jaw, I actually find it cute.I wouldn't change it on him.its not his teeth I love its him, so as long as you brush them and you have an awsome personality you should be fine.good luck.hope this helped.

  • As long as your teeth are well kept it should be fine. Sometimes the position of growth for each tooth crown is genetically determined and there's nothing you can do about it, therefore, beyond your control, hence why people have braces w/e.

    I don't believe it's a significant matter in terms of dating. There are much more important characteristics that I require from a guy inorder to date him ie. honestly, compassionate, caring etc, these are some qualities that would over-ride any physical deficiency. Teeth gaps aren't such a big deal these days anyways, my aunt went and fixed her's with dental thing she got done. ^_^

  • Of course, why not? Teeth is such a small part of the whole man. To not date someone just because of that seems a bit shallow.

  • gaps add character

  • it doesn't really matter to me, and yes I would date such a guy

    • Thanks for your reply. :)

      I hope more people would start to think like you.

  • I hate to be so superficial, but gaps really bother me.

    I wouldn't not date you just because of a couple of gaps, but I wouldn't find you hot at first glance either. If I really liked you, your flaws could definitely be overlooked.

    • Thanks for the honest reply. :)

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  • I would go to a specialist if I ever had something like that.