I have a gap between my front teeth.

I do not mind it and I go out with guys so I do not think they mind it either. I am not ugly (at least I don't think so). But sometimes I wonder if guys only like me because of my body? Does having Gap in front teeth bad? should I fix it? Guys pplz help...whn you look at girls what do you look for?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Somtimes it looks good on people! Like madonna for example! In fact, in the old days, having a gap in your teeth was consider gorgeous! If it looks good on you keep it, if it bothers you or it would look better straight, you could get braces! :) ...easy solution!

    • I know I do like it as well. tx for help and positive attitude. :)

    • You're most welcome! :)

What Guys Said 2

  • You should fix it not so guys won't notice it but just because its part of yor body my sister had problems with her teeth (not noticeable) and she told me from experience its better to take care of the problem earlier than later. I personally don't care if a girl I liked had a gap. We all have our fault we just have to live with it and move on.

  • ever hear of lauren hutton? She was a famous model with a gap.

    • Yes I know. I just wanted to know if it bothered guys. I know of famous people but they are famous and rich.im not at least not yet. lolz...

    • Yeah, but my point was that she was a model, not that she was famous. A model's job is to be beautiful

    • Ur right. thanks :)

What Girls Said 3

  • I honestly think that gaps are cute. I know for a fact that at least most guys aren't deterred by small things like that. It all depends on how comfortable YOU are with your gap. if you feel that it causes a lot of problems in your life and are willing to spend time and money fixing it, go for it. If not, keep it. it makes your looks unique.

  • I don't think that teeth matter it's the inside that counts! I also have a gap I currently have braces to get rid of the gap. I just want really nice teeth you don't need perfect teeth to have a perfect attitude!

    • Dats true. thanks. I don't mind it . in fact I like it that's why I never fixed it.