Why would an ex contact me 1.5 years later?

Why would an ex contact me a year and a half after breaking up with me? It makes no sense to me.


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  • It happened to me too, and the fact that we left on bad terms made me feel confused as to why he was trying to contact me (and still does every once in a while). I read several articles and asked some friends of mine and that is when I started to understand why does an ex tries to contact you after a relatively long period of time. It could be one of these following reasons or a mixture of them. Here you go.

    1) He got into a failed relationship after you guys broke up and once he felt lonely he thought of contacting you in order to rekindle the love you once had. He is after some ego supply so as to feel wanted by girls, to have your attention and to receive free love. He is throwing you a bait and is waiting to see how you respond. If you ignored him, then you don't want him back in your life, but if you responded in a nice or even a bad way, then that means you're still thinking of him.

    2) He wants to know how have you been. Sometimes exes want to make sure you're feeling miserable without them and you're still crying over him after 2 years. It's ridiculous, I know.

    3) Other exes want to be friends once more because they genuinely care about you and love you. He thought you had enough time to heal and forget about anything bad happened between you. Now, you're ready to become friends again with no heart feelings.

    If you want him in your life again, then it's an oppotunity to respond. If you don't, then ignore all his texts/calls and move on with your life and never look back. Don't be surprised if he calls/texts every once in a while asking meanigless questions or saying stupid things. It's just an excuse to contact you and know your life updates.

    Hope this helps. :)


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  • He probably just broke up with his rebound Girlfriend and is lonely.

    This happens all the time. My ex from college still emails me sporadically whenever one of her relationships ends. It's kinda sad because she dumped me back then and it's obvious she regrets it now but I'm with someone else now and have moved on.

    • Good for you. :) I'm with someone else now, And I'm happier than I've ever been. I was just curious why the ex up and decided to contact me after so long. Thanks for your help!

  • Maybe it took him that long to work up the nerve to e-mail you. Even though I never will, I've been wanting to get in touch with someone for 2 yrs

    Only he has that answer so if you reply, ask him.


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  • Maybe he miss you? Maybe he just broke up with his new girlfriend and realized how good you were to him before? Did he say what he want btw?

  • he realizes that he cannot find anyone better than you. answer mine please I need advice link