Bingo wings after weight loss?

I've lost over 111 pounds in one year & 4 months. I did it by changing my eating habits and getting my fitness on: cycling, dancing, dumbbell exercise. Despite working out regularly (!) I now have bingo wings (excess skin on the underside of my arm). Thankfully *just* on my arms. Then again, I'm... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • How far away from you are you from your goal weight? Or ideal weight. There are tons of people who confuse fat for excess skin. When you get within five pounds of your goal weight, then worry about excess skin. Moisturize regularly, and lift weights to build muscle. That will help burn more fat and if you do have excess skin, to fill it out. Don't ever let excess skin stop you from being healthy!

    Your skin is an organ, it shrinks and grows with us, it can amaze you.

    • Thx so much for your encouraging words. I'm at 148 lbs and my goal at only 5'2 is 1) average weight ~138 lbs 2) ultimate dream weight ~ 117 lbs. I'll make sure to keep on working my triceps / arms in general. :)

    • No problem! Those last ten pounds can be tough. Just wait and see how different your body will look in just five pounds! GOOD LUCK!