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My boyfriend never invites me over his house?

I've been with my boyfriend for 10 years and we're in our mid 20's. He never invites me over his house. His sister's boyfriend gets to go there all... Show More

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  • I feel you. That can be tough when you don't feel welcomed in someone elses home. You tend to feel uneasy or you never feel comfortable. It sucks. As a man, he probably gets sick and tired of the family hovering over his every move and if its a lotta people in a small house, well that just makes a boyfriend/girlfriend situation even more difficult. So I do understand him not wanting you over his house. Maybe he thinks his family members are a bunch of idiots and he doesn't want you to be involved with that crap.

    Either way, this can be disheartening. Especially when it seems everyon leaves his sister and her man alone enough to let them make a porno (so to speak) but can't leave you 2 alone long enough to even talk to one another.

    I will say this: Don't let it bother you. You did kinda wait too late to speak up but don't sweat it. I have a general rule and that is when there is too many adults in a cramped area, chaos and madness will ensue. You're an adult now& now that you'll be livin in your own spot, you will realize that the holidays will do just fine (in fact...that'll be enough).

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