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What is the best country(s) to find a loyal, unselfish, caring women?

I know that any country in the world you can find a good woman. However from my experiences with traveling, foreign friends and meeting women from... Show More

I'm not just talking about pure sex anyway folks. Actually from what I saw if you aren't "entertaining enough" to american girl...you get diddly squat anyway. They are more worried about being "excited" by some comedian...total badass...etc than
actually being "safe". Find a "safe" guy is too boring. Where in cultures it is absolutely necessary (women are happy to have a man who won't beat them). But I not looking to get laid. I'm looking for a women who APPRECIATES men and masculinity
And doesn't look at them as a means to their own boundless ends...

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  • LMAO its all american women's fault. western women are the scourge of the earth! find you a 3rd world mami who has no concept of being treated respectfully and was basically raised to be a 2nd class citizen..that's the ticket! that way when you criticize her and treat her like crap she won't know any better, plus a foreigner probably has no knowledge of resources so when you start to abuse her she won't be able to call for help.

    ok, enough sarcasm. but seriously, instead of blaming an entire culture of women, have you tried evaluating yourself and seeing either what it is you can improve about yourself, OR thought maybe you are going after the wrong type of girl in america? if you can't get it right in america do you really think finding a woman who just wants a green card and an american life will really make you happy?

    • I've been to thailand and dated a girl out there. No she wasn't a prostitute. We meet at a kickboxing camp.

      There was A LOT less bullsh*t out there. A lot less confusion. There were plenty of other major problems though.

      I think all western women need to travel and they will come back home with a new appreciation of how spoiled they are in this culture.

      Remember what I said. Not ALL american girls are this way. But A LOT are. The odds are against me here in the dating dept.

    • majority of American woman are just idiots. Like seriously? a green card? you should get one and maybe you'd word things better.

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  • I think that you should go to countries like Bulgaria to find beautiful modest women.

    • 3mo

      Or Hungary

  • hmm that's really interesting. I guess people in our society have evolved into messy people. I lived in asia for 10 years and moved to america and I've been living here for 10 years. the way people interact in relationships are so different. americans ( I do consider myself this) are less conservative and really into sex and stuff like that. whereas, asian countries stick with the tradition and stay moral.

  • Stop looking for the perfect girl and leave it to chance encounters... What you're feeling is very real but sometimes when we want something so badly we tend to get in our own way. It WILL happen. most likely when you least expect it :P

    • Well since you are a women I bet you have men approach you quite often. I don't have that luxury that many of you women take for granted. It has been ten years and miss right has NOT found me. It's not getting any easier.

      I'm not saying she isn't out there...she is. But I feel my chances of finding her in the US isn't as good.

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  • It's sad but true , western culture we are told is advancing and becoming more civilized , ya right. I am not saying there are not a very few "decent" woman here in America but they are very very few. America women wounder why men are so discussed with them that we would look for something different or expect to be happy.
    Looking to meet women aboard you still have to watch out for the materialistic money grabbing ones just like here BUT many other cultures have not been set to self destruct like ours and they still have women that "honestly" want a happy marriage, why settle for anything less. I say if you look and find someone your happy with go for it!

  • I have a few opinions on the matter of finding the "one" now, but I'm limited to how much I can say. Honestly, to answer your first question, Asian cultures are traditionally the most loyal and outgoing to make their partners happy, a two way road so to speak. Yes, our American women are, by far, the most un-loyal, selfish, and un caring women in the world, bar none. While we aren't the highest in divorce rate, we are at a 53% divorce rate, and of those 53%, and 74% of those marriages that end in divorce end because the woman filed despite the man's objections to divorce (in the US). Which leads me to this…if you want to get married, good on you for wanting to do so, don't marry an American woman, you have better chances of winning a hand of black jack and not shooting yourself in a game of Russian roulette (1 bullet 6 chamber revolver) 3 times consecutively than NOT getting divorced. Maybe a little overboard on the statistical information, but I'm sure you get the point. TV, Facebook, Twitter, pretty much all of our luxuries we have in the western world have corrupted our women to the point as men we are better off alone or just not getting married at all. I truly wish you the best of luck on finding "the one" brother…I really do. Just do yourself a favor and stop looking in the US, you probably can't afford (money wise) to keep a woman happy here, and if you can afford to (right on), keep that money to yourself, and just have a very nice, long lasting boyfriend/girlfriend relationship (they can't take half if you don't marry them hahaha) Have a good one man…and good luck.

  • From my experiance bro. I agree with you. I've dated a lot and I am constantly striving to better myself as a person and as a example to something that I feel has been lost with all the craze of new world America. Many have forgotten the values and the beauty in finding someone and fighting through the bad and good togther. Making memories and growing old together. Majority of Men and women in America are both likely to be selfish, materialistic, physical, and lustful fools that believe that having fun is the same as having sex and having open relationships, because they feel too scared to make the commitment to be with someone nice. I had many girls tell me I'm perfect and that scares them because they feel that they found me too early and start to distance.. others tell me they are confused about themselves and realized that they perfer to party and have meaningless sex over being with someone whos going somewhere and trying thier best to do right... to be right for them. My last girlfriend cheated on me for 9 months.. told me I don't know why I did it. I was confused.. I broke up with her and she's still trying to get with me again. begging to be with me, but yet she's still screwing the guy she cheated on me with and when I asked her will she change... she litterly stated that she has, but that if I would be okay to be in a open relationship with her. she states that I'm the greatest thing ever, but that she has trouble keeping it in her pants... she sees a hot guy and doesn't know how to say no... and she's not the only one doing this. a lot of my friends are good guys and even follow codes that separate us from what good girls refer to as dogs, but omg... ITS HARDDDDDD TO FIND A DECENT GIRL IN THIS COUNTRY. the usa has really screwed up how girls see things... guys are there too,.. in my opinion, both man and woman in America are becoming to self indulgded to ever hold something real. they are more concerned with what's new and what they desire over what is right and good for thier future. Almost every other country has better and more mentally capable girls, but you'd have to go there.

    ALSO, to the comment with the girls... he's not trying to find a girl who can't speak English or defend themselves... what are you? idiots?.. he's only looking for a girl whos just like him and wants the same things. A girl who is faithful and has love in her heart and a mind as vast as the oceans. A girl who is self reliant, but able to believe in being with just one person and loving them and only them for who they are. Get it straight. right now I'm dating the most amazing girl I've met. I met her when I left America to soul search after a 7 year relationship ended.. and I met a girl in japan and fell in love. she's a engineer in robotics and the most smartest and loving girl I've met. I can take her around my friends and guys in the team I play in and she's able to be a dork and when other guys hit on her, omg she puts them down bad. I'm lucky I left the country and met her.

  • Super rare to find a girl in USA who is loyal and faithful. Don't waste your time here (USA). I would suggest Asia and Middle East, I personally believe those areas would have a higher percentage of finding a girl who is loyal, faithful, honest, and appreciates "family". However, keep in mind that you could find girls whose background are from those areas who happenes to live in USA. Basically if you want to settle down and be happy and have PEACE, then go for Asians (Cute) or Middle East (Exotic)... I knew from beginning that Amarican woman, were fake... but am very disappointed from Latinas too.. they just love having more than one guy simultaneously lol... Europeans tend to be two face.. I have spent many years in Russia, super hot girls.. totally girlfriend material, absolutely not wife material. Again, anything stated above is my personal opinion, which comes from experience. Good luck on your journey of finding the "one"

  • in my opinion if u wealthy enough then she treat u like prince and some years after if u face some financial difficulties then she forget the love between them and she just need their security to live high class u die or live that's not her problem compare to european girls they consider love over money and by the way girls in sweden and luxembourg have far far high life style compare to any American girls

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