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Why would my ex text me happy birthday after no contact for ages?

My Ex girlfriend text me a happy birthday text last week after 8 months with no contact.we decided to call it a day in sept last year as she was hot... Show More

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  • This indication... it's different in that you guy's haven't communicated in the past 8 months. I'm sure the people ahead of me kept an open communication with their.

    I can see your confusion.

    I think, it's her way of opening a conversation. Why else would you contact someone that you haven't spoken to in over 8 months!?

    I say, if you're looking for answers for why she did you the way she did and finally get some closure, go for it.

    If could care less... then don't. But, you wouldn't have kept her text just to delete and post about it on this site.

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  • I would text my ex happy birthday, no big deal...It just comes to show that she wants to move on with no hard feelings between you guys...You should reply as a way of showing that you moved on.

What Guys Said 1

  • As my brother told me as I was starting to go through my divorce, "You will always love those you've loved." Just because you're not romantically involved or not talking doesn't mean that you aren't connected somehow.

    She probably still wants you to be happy and would you rather she NOT say happy birthday?

    • Yeah very true what your bro said,but I think she lied to me about her not being with anybody else as only 2 months had passed and she was engaged!she said she had planned another trip traveling etc and then I found out that!just don't understand the 8 months no contact then a text!

    • In her world, she's happy. She wants you to be happy and she did not mean to bring up the pain again. Don't let her be in control of your happiness. Don't worry about what she meant by it and just go about making yourself happy, without hurting anyone else.

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