Do Asian People Have Curly Hair?

Random question but I was curious of there were any Asians that had naturally curly or wavy hair? I was reading a hair types chart and it said that Asians have very straight coarse hair, was wondering if they can have any other hair type too

Oh, to be more specific I was talking about East Asians


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  • My sisters and I are Korean and we have naturally, thick, sometimes frizzy, wavy hair. Ours isn't the typical pin straight, shiny Asian girl hair you see.


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  • No, but some of em get curry hair when they eat egg rows.

  • Yes, it's unusual but not that rare. Women with curly hair are the envy of a lot of the other women because they really stand out as different and can wear a lot of different styles of earrings, hats, scarves, hair bands that don't work with straight hair, and look so pert in miniskirts!

    • well it's not the end of the world if you're born with straight hair. hair can be permed(:

  • how about I give YOU curly hair with my Dragon Fist!

  • Every Asian person I have come across tends to have very straight hair. Much straighter then white people's on average, I don't think I have ever seen an Asian yet who doesn't have straight hair cosmetically or natural... not saying it doesn't exist but I haven't seen it

  • not all Asians have "coarse" hair...actually most of us have fine hair.

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  • My parents are from Hong Kong but I was born and raised in Scotland. My hair is extremely straight, soft and fine - it's exactly the opposite of how I'd like it to be!

  • haha I have wavy hair naturally. if I get out of the shower and brush it straight, it turns into ringlets! :P plus my hair is brown. which is weird for asians. haha

    • oh and I'm full chinese, not a halfie so I wouldn't have any other race influencing my genes haha.

  • I know half Asian people with reallllyyyy curly hair but I'm not sure I know any full Asians with curly hair. I know some who have wavy hair though

  • Cambodians and Some Filipinos have wavy to curly hair...maybe even kinky (Aetas)..

    Well, I am part filipino...and my hair is not an expection...

    My cousin is full filipino and she has "Wavy" does her brother..

    • LOL, maybe I got the wrong type of asian...but um..I seen a some Koreans, Thai, and Japanese with wavy hair...not curly though.

      Never seen a chinese with curly or wavy..

  • They can.

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