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Do Asian People Have Curly Hair?

Random question but I was curious of there were any Asians that had naturally curly or wavy hair? I was reading a hair types chart and it said that... Show More

Oh, to be more specific I was talking about East Asians

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  • My sisters and I are Korean and we have naturally, thick, sometimes frizzy, wavy hair. Ours isn't the typical pin straight, shiny Asian girl hair you see.

    • I am half and I lack the straight hair (mine is wavy).

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  • Yes, it's unusual but not that rare. Women with curly hair are the envy of a lot of the other women because they really stand out as different and can wear a lot of different styles of earrings, hats, scarves, hair bands that don't work with straight hair, and look so pert in miniskirts!

    • well it's not the end of the world if you're born with straight hair. hair can be permed(:

  • No, but some of em get curry hair when they eat egg rows.

  • Every Asian person I have come across tends to have very straight hair. Much straighter then white people's on average, I don't think I have ever seen an Asian yet who doesn't have straight hair cosmetically or natural... not saying it doesn't exist but I haven't seen it

  • how about I give YOU curly hair with my Dragon Fist!

  • I don't think so or it's very rare

  • Only on my testicles

  • I believe you mean oriental and I you or any one else know every single person in east asia or of east idian decent, so question is pointless

    • Just by the way, using the word 'oriental' to describe someone, is racist. Just letting you know you should probably stop saying that.

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    • its not even racial never mind a slur

    • It is the epitome of racist behavior to tell any group what is or is not an insult to their culture. How arrogant to assume you know all the in's and out's of another culture.

  • nope.. my hair is TOO damn straight!

  • It depends on what you're mixed with. My mom ((and every male on her side) has straight hair. My whole dads side has very curly hair, so mine is in between. It's wavy. That's what you get when you mix curly and straight.

  • some japanese men have really curly hair

  • by Asians do you mean indian, chinese, korean, japanese, etc? cos lots of indian have really curly hair.

  • not all Asians have "coarse" hair...actually most of us have fine hair.

  • Asians are of many different types and races. I am an Asian for instance who was born with curly hair. I've tended to try to straighten it but whenever it starts growing even moderately big they become curly and gain a lot of body. Women tend to love my black non-straight hair though...

    • Is it curly, or like very wavy?

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    • Well, I definitely am not your mommy little girl. I'm Asian I thought that much was clear. Now I doubt you get good grades : D

    • You have insulted my honor! :P Additionally, I am Asian too and definitely amongst Asians that doesn't count as an answer. Which country do your bloodlines originate from. If you don't want to answer then tell me you don't want to answer or message me the answer. ^^

  • I don't think there are any Asians with curly hair, not even India and middle east. They all have the same dark straight hair

  • No. While you see a lot of Asians with straight hair there are some with wavy hair. I have yet to see one with curly hair but I have seen some with wiry/nappy hair but that is very rare.

What Girls Said 28

  • They can.

  • Cambodians and Some Filipinos have wavy to curly hair...maybe even kinky (Aetas)..

    Well, I am part filipino...and black..so my hair is not an expection...

    My cousin is full filipino and she has "Wavy" hair..so does her brother..

    • LOL, maybe I got the wrong type of asian...but um..I seen a some Koreans, Thai, and Japanese with wavy hair...not curly though.

      Never seen a chinese with curly or wavy..

  • Yes! I knew one who had curly hair before.

  • For the most part, we all have straight hair. Not necessarily coarse, but it is straight. The curly hair I think is rare but I've seen it multiple times. Once it was very curly, like an Asian afro, and the other time the guy's hair was just really frizzy. But don't be mistaken when you see a girl with curly/wavy hair because it usually is a perm.

  • I'm Indian (Asian kind) and my hair is completely curly :)

  • I'm Asian (Khmer) and I have natural curls/waves but I envy other Asians who have natural smooth silky black hair, feel like the odd one out haha.

  • My parents are from Hong Kong but I was born and raised in Scotland. My hair is extremely straight, soft and fine - it's exactly the opposite of how I'd like it to be!

  • I know half Asian people with reallllyyyy curly hair but I'm not sure I know any full Asians with curly hair. I know some who have wavy hair though

  • Can I answer even though I'm Southeast? [Filipino] Meh, I'll answer anyways xD

    I have natural dark brown, straight hair which gets a little more wavy when it goes to the tips.

  • There are Asians have naturally curly hair (3 out of 10) but you hardly see them because they will straighten their hair very often).

    Thou I'm an Asian and mine is straight :-)

  • I have curly hair, and I'm straight up Asian. :)

  • yes, i'm full Asian :) and i have natural curly hair

  • very straight coarse hair

    My fiancee is Japanese. She has silky and soft hair. Not course at all. But it is very straight.

  • I have curly hair and I am asian. It isn't like rings but it is like beach waves with a couple of actual ringlets

  • Well my hair isn't curly. It's more wavy and to be honest, I don't really desire to have way hair. But I can't really do anything about since my straightener isn't working very well.

  • No. I've never seen an Asian with curly hair. EVER

  • My Korean teacher complained to our class more than once about the assumption that all Asians have straight hair, as she "has to straighten hers every morning! D:<<!"

  • I'm Chinese-Filipino and my hair is definitely not straight or course. It's messy wavy and I actually hate it. I have to straighten in everyday before school. Or if I decide to shower in the morning I'll put my hair in a ponytail or run hair gel and hair spray in my hair to help it stick together a little more. I put way too much effort into my hair.

  • haha I have wavy hair naturally. if I get out of the shower and brush it straight, it turns into ringlets! :P plus my hair is brown. which is weird for asians. haha

    • oh and I'm full chinese, not a halfie so I wouldn't have any other race influencing my genes haha.

  • No. I'm Asian and that's not true. it's actually relaly hard to maintain curls with Asian hair because it's so fine

  • Of course there are some Asians with curly and wavy hair. They're a minority in some countries (such as China or Japan), but they do exist. I think that more Southeast Asians tend to have curly or wavy hair as well.

  • Yes they do, my boyfriend is Khmer & his hair is very curly

  • Yep, their pubes are growing in the wrong place. jk. But yes, I know a lot of Asians with wavy or naturally curly hair. =)

  • Yeah, East Asians have curly hair. my mom has it. My friend from china has such kinky hair that if it grows any longer it will form a triangle.

  • Not all of us have straight hair...especially from the Indian subcontinent. I have plenty of friends who have curly hair and some of them have real bushy hair. Mine however is very straight and difficult to curl. It barely stays up with a hair tie.

  • When you say "asian", I'm not sure if you mean East Asian or Asian as a whole.
    It depends your bloodline and where the previous few generations grew up (geographical adaptation).
    For example I'm from Bangladesh (south asia) and my hair is like a slightly thicker, curlier version of Sandara Park's (2NE1, S. Korea) natural hair. Sorry that's the best comparison I could find haha.

    Many people in my family have that stereotypical sleek and shiny Asian hair, like my sister and cousin (whom people'd think is actually from South China). However I inherited my hair from both my mom (who has very frizzy, curly hair) and someone, probably my maternal grandmother who is originally Indian, who had the sleek, shiny hair.

    I think curly hair is more common in Western Asia than it is in Eastern Asia. But it's not non-existant. I've met a few chinese and koreans with wavy, frizzy or and even curly hair. :)

  • My friend is cambodian. She has dark brown wavy hair. I asked her if it is natural she said yes but it takes her forever to straighten. I'm mixed with black Asian and white and I would like to point out that it is important not to generalize. My friend doesn't have slanted eyes either. In fact her eyes are the same shape as mine and they are wide

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