He loves me as well as his girlfriend. What do I do??

i know a guy from last more than 5 months. We study together and stay in the same hostel. We bonded well right from the beginning and spend more then 16-17 hrs a day together. He used to show a lot of affection and possessiveness. Slowly I started liking him but I never said anything 'coz he... Show More

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  • Why on earth would you reduce yourself to a guy with a girlfriend? Let alone a possessive one? That is a strong indication that he suffers form insecurity, and the fact that whoever you talk to you is none of his business. He doesn't respect you because he obviously doesn't respect his girlfriend. The fact for that on each end is that one, he's cuddling with you every other night and the other is that he sends his ex's gifts. They are pity gifts if you ask me. Mimicking his guiltiness and poor choices.

    As a woman it's natural to take the submissive role, but your giving this young man far too much control in your life. He doesn't deserve it, and neither do you. This may be hard to hear, but he is basically playing two women at the same time. Each one a fall back plan, in case one woman finally gives him the boot. In my opinion, I'd suggest you'd be the one to do so. Move out, find another place to live or do what it takes to prevent him from manipulating your feelings. If he's cheating on his girlfriend now, what makes you think he wouldn't do the same to you?