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Guys what do you think of girls with pixie cuts?

I've been thinking about getting a pixie cut (sort of like what Emma Watson and Miley Cyrus have) for a while now seeing its getting hotter now. How ever I was wondering what guys thought of them, because I've heard some guy friends say that they're for lesbians or that they are a huge turn-off while others say they're really sexy. So what do you think of them?

Here's a few pics of what I'm thinking about:




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  • I love pixie cuts, but you have to have the right kind of features to pull off a pixie cut. (I can't.) Delicate, angular features work best, and a pixie cut will look better if your jawline and chin are a bit pointed rather than round or square. The main problem with girls getting pixie cuts is that they don't take into consideration the way their faces are built, and so they choose unflattering haircuts.

    Here are some pictures that show different types of pixie cuts for different face shapes. link

    Here are some other short haircuts that might look nice if you want it short, but can't exactly pull off a pixie cut. link There are a lot of styles for short hair, so you can find ones for almost any feature type. One of my friends has strong features and an upturned 'piggy nose' and looks awesome and lively in a short tousled bob.

What Guys Said 13

  • Most girls look terrible in them.

    Some look 'okay' though would almost always look better with at least a bob. The girls who look 'okay' are generally waifish, very feminine naturally, and wear a fair bit of makeup. Basically everything else about their appearance is screaming 'girl' vs. the boyish haircut. And even then, its an 'okay' look, not good.

    The odd guy likes it, some are okay, and the majority of guys actually hate it.

    Emma and Miley are good examples. Both, with pixie cuts, I wouldn't notice walking down the street any more, they'd be invisible. With longer hair, both are very pretty.

  • They look nice on small girls, with small faces. A wide faced girl,yes, will look pretty butch with a pixie cut.

    They look great on French and Italian and other Mediterranean girls, who are generally dark and have oval faces. But on a Nordic girl...it makes you look like a cross country ski medalist at the Olympics.

  • I usually think they are lesbians, but I could find some attractive if it worked on them

  • Such a huge turn-on it is, to see a girl with a pixie haircut. It would melt me. If a girl I find is cute with a long hair, she'll sweep my feet off with a pixie cut.

  • nah.

  • Being honest, at least based on the examples you gave, it really doesn't do anything for me. I couldn't be a fan of a hair style like that. Of course maybe you can pull it off better than in the examples. Even if you don't get the results you are hoping for, it will grow back.

  • Yea, almost no girls look good in pixie cuts. They're very boring and don't speak to either my romantic side or my sexual side.

  • It's OK, but I generally prefer long hair on girls.

  • It looks awful.

    Short hair in general is likely to turn guys off. For a girl's hair to be attractive to me, it definitely has to be down past the shoulders.

    Many guys are turned off by short hair. Hardly any guys are turned off by moderately long hair. So don't get that cut.

  • I'd say about 1% of girls looks good in pixies. The only reason they seem like they're good haircuts is because the media. Emma and Miley both look really bad in those haircuts, also all those links looks like boys.

  • They're horrible, and a huge turn-off. Look at how Emma Watson had her hair in the later Harry Potter movies, or Alex Daddarrio in the Percy Jackson movies, or Lara Croft.

    Wasn't there a thing recently about a Victoria's Secret model who cut her hair really short like that, and people were remarking about how lame she looked compared to her long-haired fellow models?

    Long, and beautiful. Not a short cut like you're trying to disguise yourself as a boy.

  • if you want to look like a boy or a lesbian, go for it.

  • Hate it. Probably wouldn't look twice at a girl that had it. Makes them look like a boy or just a muff diver. Both of which I am not interested in.

What Girls Said 12

  • Looks too androgynous and not girlie enough for me but some can pull it off

  • I hate it personally.

  • I have a pixie cut myself, a lot of girls say that it suits me way better then long hair, and some guys say that too. It way easier to take care of and lighter too. I'm not one to take good care of my hair, honestly, I don't care.

  • I'm not a guy, but I would say it depended upon the shape of your face. Pixie cuts are one of those hair styles where you can look... well just ugly. And, you can counteract the lesbian-ness and guy look by just dressing femininely!

  • long hair is better

  • I think they look really pretty, except miley it doesn't suit her

  • If you want to cut of your hair, cut it off. It will grow back, it's not a big deal. You're young and if you can't f*** around with your hair when you're young, when can you do it? If you want to shave half of it off and dye the other half khaki, go for it. It's not permanent.

    That being said, in that last link you posted- does that chick have a RAT TAIL? A HAHAHAHA- are those coming back? Say it ain't so...

    But if you want that rat tail, you GET that rat tail.

    • Thanks, and I didn't see the rat tail I just thought it was part of her shirt or something haha

  • They are unattractive

  • Pixie cuts are great.Who cares what others think.

  • im not a guy, but if I were one, I wouldn't like it, and as a girl, I don't like it either.

  • I hate pixie cuts

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