The 'Meh' of ANOTHER American Gun Massacre

The 'Meh' of ANOTHER American Gun Massacre

'You reap the seeds you sow....'

After feeling sympathy for the 50 innocent lives lost and the associated devastation of their immediate friends and family, this is my immediate reaction.

Once more America's perverse views on guns and gun laws ridiculing them on a Global scene with everything centring around the Constitutional right to bare arms'

Not even the #SandyHook massacre where innocent children were slain can challenge the mindset. Instead, it reinforced it with calls to arm teachers and have security staff at schools with the predominant reaction being you need more weapons to deal with the threat.

Compare this to a contrary ideology over guns in Australia in response to the #PortArthur massacre of 1996. It shocked the Nation to the core leading to all automatic and semi-automatic weapons banned. One of the indelible I witness accounts was a mother and her two young daughters on knees begging for mercy and the gunman, Martin Bryant executing them all point blank.

Across the populace and political spectrum, there was outrage leading to more stringent #gunlaws and the public willingly giving up their weapons (pictured above ). It was not just many weapons destroyed through a government buyback but also more strict laws and background checks put in place to get a licence or purchase weapons with no massacres happening since.

The reality in the States is you can 'Rambo-up' as easy as I can buy milk from the corner store and despite what tragedy ensues it just reinforces the love for guns.

In the process making massacres inevitable.

If you want proof, consider this surreal fact:

Between the Sandy Hook tragedy of 2012 and the San Bernadino massacre of December 2015, there were 1052 slayings in the 1066 adjoining days.

It's as if they are embracing the Dickens ethos from 'A Christmas Carol' of 'ridding of the surplus masses.'

The aside from this recent tragedy is many references made to the perpetrators supposed #Muslim links. Allowing the focus to come off the lapse gun laws and instead drumming up further terrorist hysteria in the public through the irresponsible Media.

With it an election campaign in full throttle, it is not hard to do the math that both Trump and Clinton will embrace the art of deflection. Drumming up hysteria of the #terrorist threat' and #ISIS' to divert away from the gun issue in the States. Neither are going to commit electoral suicide by alienating the huge gun lobby in the States with its financial and voting might by using this current massacre to discuss gun controls.

One could even imagine a savvy predatorial manipulator like Trump delivering a decisive electoral blow by dressing like 'Yosemite Sam' with the most advanced automatic pistols in toe.....

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  • It's complete bullshit how many people are more concerned with gun laws and the Constitution right now than they are about the actual massacre itself. Completely embarrassing.

    • Well whenever there's a massacre people who are paid by the gun lobby go on tv and say now is not the right time to politicise this issue and talk about gun control and then they just wait until the public cares about something else and everything goes on as usual. Like after Sandy Hook Obama tried to do something but in the end nothing much happened because the lobby was too strong. So as you can see 36 people die from guns a day so when do you think is the right time to talk about it? Because there's probably somebody dying right now from a shooting. I agree with respecting and mourning the dead but not when that concept is abused by a industry that just wants to protect its profit. They know that the longer they push the discussion back from the actual shooting the more likely they can kill any attempt to pass strong regulation and minimize the uproar about it. Do you think these people actually care about the victims? No, it's just a repulsive business strategy.

    • @EllieLexis513

      fair point, and I am guilty as charged

      Everyone seems to be pushing an agenda in the wake of the incident. Realms of views from outlandish to reasonable, but its a pity we can't take a moment for the dead and the families. Some of the commentary has been shameless unfortunately

    • To quote the democrats, never let a crisis go to waste. Obama was on it like a duck on a junebug whoring after victim disarmament laws. So was half of GAG.

  • I love the first pic. Everyone says massacres are terrible but no one cares about the people who die from guns every day, like people in the ghetto. Hypocrisy is awful and it makes everyone's worry seem fake to me.

  • Thank you so much for this. Respect.
    My question is though, how many more people have to die until something is done about it?

    • Sandy Hook was the fork in the road that was ignored

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    • @dudeman I don't want to get in.

    • @dudeman
      Yep. All the idiots here blathering about banning guns seem to miss one important bit. There's a third of a billion guns here, owned by private people. Taking them illegally and by force via an unconstitutional ban would start a civil war that would kill more Americans than any war in history.

      I mean, it's not likely can just pass an illegal act through The legislature, have POTUS sign it and we'll all meekly surrender our arms.

      It's not like the military and police would enforce a law forbidden by the constitution they swore to uphold.

  • THANK YOU. the way people defend guns is ridiculous. "guns dont kill, humans do" i mean WHAT THE FUCK is that?
    how many more deaths is it going to take for people to realise that it needs to stop?

    • It does need to stop. Gun control kills.

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    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau @dionysos
      i never wanna talk about guns or American law on here again. it's useless.

    • You're useless! Jk! Jk. Sorry for highjacking and blowing up your notifications 😂

  • What happened just proves that even with a country that is allowed to have guns. It doesn't save you from something like this happening. So we owe Paris an apology for giving them hell about not having guns and that would have made what happened to them not as bad. Since this Massacre wasn't lessen by gun owners and stopping the shooter.

    • "Per Florida’s concealed carry law, those with a license to carry may not carry their firearms into an establishment that serves alcohol."

      Shooters aren't stupid. They deliberately choose targets where they will have zero resistance.

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    • He's saying that gun control law's killed some of the victims, by eliminating the possibility of a more timely response.

      Gun free zones contain no law abiding private arms, so they were protected only by one guy. One easily recognizable guy. That's just dumb.

    • @Dionysos Any human that is able to get their hands on a gun is already putting every person around them at risk. Plus with or without guns, when someone wants to kill another they will do what ever it takes to kill them. So they would use anything possible to pull it off even if they have to gas people to death.

  • NRA is gun manufactures propaganda outlet. They have effictvley littered the airways with their lies. Most gun owners favor stricter background checks at the very least.
    This is a hate crime first and foremost.

    • Agree, against Gay people that was so avoidable

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    • @red324 you seem to be agreeing with my point that assault rifles should not be sold. NO this guy may not care about procuring his gun illegally but perhaps it would make it harder for him to buy one or he may not get it at all. obviously a ban on guns or even an assault rifle ban won't solve all the issues but neither will doing nothing.

      my simple opinion is we can't sit back and say how terrible something is and then do NOTHING about it.

    • Background checks are already in place. If you purchase from a FFL, yes even at a gun show, you will be run against several databases. Is it possible to expand background checks further? Maybe. But Omar Mateen passed a background check. Tight background checks would not have stopped him. What would have? Maybe if FBI agents were trained to recognize signs of radicalization, he would have been caught during the period he was under FBI investigation. That's right, the FBI agents who checked Mateen out were not trained to recognize the basics of radical Islamic theology because of a climate of political correctness. I will agree that this was a hate crime. Based in hate driven by radical Islam.

      Funny how the Pulse was supposed to be a gun free zone...

  • To me, that's all the more reason why people should arm themselves and learn how to protect themselves. What happened was awful. Donald trump is awful and his comments were horrible. But I couldn't help but think that what happened, is all the more reason why people should learn to defend themselves. Some psycho who wants to shoot people, is always going to find a way to get a gun, that's just the sad truth. Pretending this wack job wasn't a ticking time bomb to begin with and tip toeing around the subject just to be politically correct is just bullshit to me. This kind of thing happens, it's going to continue happening and the best thing you can do is get a gun and learn how to use it for your own protection.

  • This is stupid.

  • The media/government/politicians have you all brain washed. The American people are bored, lacking education, & have way too much free time. Guns & Muslims are not the problem, idle time is.

  • so far no one has been able to explain to me how one more gun law would have prevented this. Murder is illegal right? This all happened in a gun free zone right?

    Maybe breaking 3 laws is the magic number?

  • *49 innocent. you should edit that.

  • This is why Donald J Trump needs to be president! It's not a gun control problem. It's a religious extremism problem.

  • Unfortunately, this tragedy occurred. But it had nothing to do with gun laws or gun control. It had everything to do with religious extremism however.

    • But I agree. We need to do something. How many lives are going to be lost before we admit we have a problem?

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    • You also said it had to do with religious extremism, which it doesn't. Someone who was on the FBI watchlist for three years was allowed to purchase a firearm because of the extremely lax gun laws and complete lack of competent oversight.

    • @LaVilaine Okay...

  • I think that Americans have become numb to the horror of people getting shot up en masse as they go about their business, because no one wants to do anything about it. Nothing. The general attitude seems to be "oh well, it was no one I knew so that's sad but I reserve the right to shoot anyone jn the face that I choose always and forever." It's disgusting.

    • i guess for someone like me i don't know what else i can do. i sign petitions about gun reform. i vote for senators and representatives that are in favor of gun law reform.

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    • There's always Mexico. They have a near total gun ban. Should be safe down there...

    • @Dionysos luckily I'm not American. Y'all can kill each other to your heart's content for all I care.

  • I live in Australia
    I can't imagine living in the US amongst people with such ignorant views while people die :(

    • You might understand us a bit better if you tried being here for a while. Our violent crime rate is a lot lower than most gun ban countries. Part of it is that it's more dangerous here to rape beat and rob people. It's not like the UK, where a person in a wheelchair or an old lady is guaranteed defenseless.

    • Lol justify however you want. You're the one who has to live there
      After children were killed in Australia the whole country was so shaken we had to change something. But that's the difference between you and us. ✌🏻️

    • And while your gun crime dropped, your violent crimes increased overall.

  • There is no problem with owning guns, the ones that want to kill will always find the means, taking them away just removes their use for self-defense.

    Take Norway example, already strict rules on gun purchase, 77 killed (and the killer hated Muslims)

    As for media jumping quickly to bind every terrorist act to Islam, that is totally intentional misinformation.. As much against as Islam is towards nowadays depravity, it is never handled this way if you truly follow Islamic ruling.

    • So all the kids at that island should have carried guns. Hm hm.

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    • @Dionysos that may be true about Britain's issues but those and they are issues that need to be addressed. doesn't necessarily mean that the US needs some sort of gun reform

    • @madhatters4
      We definitely need gun law reform. Specifically we need to strike all the gun control laws we have now from the books, and enforce the constitution. As scary as it might seem, the more people who are armed, the less crime we have. Get rid of designated massacre (so called gun free) zones and the mass shooting thing would go away too.

      Yes, there would still be some crime, but it would be less of a problem. End the drug prohibition too, and violence would be almost a non issue.

  • Sorry for hearing what happened in USA. What a tragedy. I am afraid America is now gone too far.. it might be too late to restrict gun.

    • There are about 80 million law abiding private gun owners in the US. There are more private firearms than there are people, and there are trillions of rounds of ammunition owned by those same people.

      Trust me. If we were the problem you'd know it.

      We aren't though. Almost none of us has ever fired a round in anger, and we don't ever want to. We just enjoy shooting and value the safety that comes from being able to provide for and defend our loved ones.

      That said, how much money would you want to go around knocking down doors to steal all those guns? I think it'd be a high risk occupation, lol!

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    • @red324
      Keep in mind that the 2A has nothing to do with hunting. Its purpose was recreate a chilling effect on the part of human nature that makes people so prone to corruption and abuse whenever they get a bit of power.

    • To create.

  • The first role of guns is self-protection.
    The most important role of guns is protecting people against the government.

    Your kind simply argue that guns are being abused and aren't playing their first role properly, so people have to give them up to an institute that guns' most important role is to protect people from it and from the people in it.

    Liberal government hookers of west don't understand this because they haven't ever seen the power of a tyranny.

    Good luck staying free with this mindset.

    • I grew up in Ireland under the tyranny of the English...

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    • @Waffles731

      Have I said otherwise?

      OP is defending a terrorist organisation responsible for hundreds and hundreds of innocent deaths.

      He can rot in hell for all I care.

    • @WombRaider
      And the British Government send guns to The protestant terrorist groups

  • This attack had nothing to do with guns and everything to do with religious fanaticism. Placing the blame elsewhere adds to the problem.
    Did gun control help in the Paris attacks? No no it did not.

    • a guy that has been described by an ex wife as disturbed, on the FBI watch list but was still able to buy an AK47...

      'agree'- all to do with 'fanaticism'

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    • @madhatters4 which country are you referring to?

    • sorry norway. that's who i was discussing with earlier so i forgot to mention here

  • Yes, accurate, for the most part.
    Unfortunately, the USA is too far gone for gun control to work. While we Aussies came to our senses after the first large scale massacre, and the buy-back scheme was implemented, this is not going to work in America. Maybe it would have decades ago, but the sheer number of firearms in the country is going to be almost impossible to decrease. Add in the cultural obsession with guns, and the problem will never be solved.
    America will just keep fighting fire with fire, and they'll eventually realise too late that it will end in burns for all.

    • To clarify, it's not an obsession with guns. It's an obsession with freedom, combined with a congenital distrust of big government. It makes us believe (rightly, I think) that the only reason any government has to disarm the good guys is if they're planning to do something they expect will make people mad enough to become dangerous.

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    • When a person is coerced to comply and doesn't resist, (such as a rape at gunpoint) that doesn't render the act non violent. The same applies to all laws. All of them will result in violence if you persistently refuse to comply.

      As for buggering off, no thanks. This is my country, not yours. You're welcome to your opinion, but don't whinge about it when we tell you to get stuffed.

      I deduce from your resorting to ad hominem, that you've run out of rational arguments. That being the case, good day to you.

    • @Dionysos Rational arguments don't work against people unable to see reason. Therefore, it's useless for me to try to use logic with you. Because you're not going to understand it.
      You have serious issues. I'd say you need therapy, but you're so delusional that I don't think you'd understand why.

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What Guys Said 48

  • The full quote by Trump is:
    "Appreciate the congrats for being right on radical Islamic terrorism, I don't want congrats, I want toughness & vigilance. We must be smart!"

    I can't believe people don't get this. He's the only one speaking out against radical Islamic terrorism. He doesn't want praise for it he wants results. He wants this needless violence to stop.

    Now that the propaganda is put of the way here's my response:

    The guy was already on a watch list and was abusive to his wife. That alone should've stopped him from getting a gun.

    "Guns don't kill people, people kill people" it doesn't matter with what.
    The solution isn't to take away guns or put heavy restrictions, it's to empower law abiding citizens by giving them the right to bare arms and spending more money on mental health.

    In Tel Aviv there was a shooting recently. You'd think in Israel of all places people would be allowed to conceal carry. They aren't and that is why when some crazy Hamas supporter shoots up a restaurant there are so many casualties.

    The police can't be everywhere, and people need to be able to protect themselves.

    • Oh they get it all right. They just have a worldview that only "white Christian cisgendered males" are to blame, and they can't accept that their "multicultural" delusions are a farce.

  • So you do support banning muslims to stop another Orlando or fort hood or San Bernardino from happening here? Since you are bashing that people won't take action after this?

  • i figured after sandy hook that was the best chance for real gun reform to take place... i figured that after seeing the massacre of innocent elementary school children how could anyone not believe that reform needed to occur. so i'm just speechless at this point

    i personally am for a more euro style gun ban but would be very happy at least re-establishing the assault rifle ban Clinton put in place that expired in 2004.

    personally i find it embarrassing that Americans find ways to defend guns rights time after time incident after incident.

    • Sandy hook was the chance, the wake up call that no one could ignore

      America chose to do just that.

      Which , like you I find inconcievable. As a father and teacher to think how terrified those young kids were in a situation they just could not process. 7/8 year olds having to hear others being slain, seeing others sacrifice and thinking they were next

      Pure evil followed up by even more evil ambivalence

  • And what you foreigners, especially Australians need to understand is this.

    "Hurr, if Australia banned guns and it worked, why wouldn't it work here?"

    Simple, because America is NOT the same as Australia, it never will be, the people are not the same, the culture is not the same, the country is not the same, the goverment is not the same. Nothing is the same, what works for you is not going to work here.

    And *gasp* guess what? it's almost predictable but the shooting happened in another gun free zone were weapons are banned gosh and why is that? hmm well if I was a criminal the first place I would go to murder a bunch of people would be a zone were all forms of weapon oriented self defense were banned. Because obviously a sign in a window or on a website that says gun free zone or city is obviously going to make me turn away because I'm a criminal following the laws is what I do best.

    And of course I could post dozens if not a hundred examples of gun saving innocent lives from young people to senior citizens. But I mean what would it matter to you people? all you care about is crying about the issue while your in a country on the other side of the planet.

    If your so concerned about it then get your ass down here and do something about it instead of crying about it online and trying to impose your own views on us and change our laws when you don't even live here to begin with if you don't live here then keep your nose out of it. You want the right to complain about it, to change it then live here, otherwise keep your mouths shut.

    You wouldn't like it if every time something happened in your country that you supported, we got online and posted our hatred for it and how we wish to change your country, you cultural and how you live even though it doesn't affect us, simply because we don't like it.

    And by the way if we're such a violent nation then it obviously makes total sense to rip away law abiding citizens ability to protect themselves and their families when criminals don't buy guns legally anyway. Because you know when the seconds count the police are only minutes away.

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    • Take a look at what I wrote under justbamnaz's opinion. Just the 1st one, though

    • @Other_Tommy_Wiseau Yeah I did a while ago it's a good opinion with valid points.

  • Just another mass shooting. America is used to it by now.

    The National Undertakers Association thanks the National Rifle Association.

    • Perversely true :(

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    • Hate speech, lol! We used to call that "disagreeing with a liberal" until they decided anyone who disagreed dissonance out of hatred.

      Was this guy a libtard? Yep. Were the others I mentioned? From what I've found, yep. Disagree if you want. Prove me wrong. I'll thank you for the new info if it's credible.

    • Wow. Hiding behind the faces of children. You think gun owners just looked at Sandy Hook and decided we didn't give a damn? No. Not at all. But at the end of the day, there is evil in the world. Sometimes, it has a gun. Sometimes a knife, or a pipe bomb, or a can of gas and a lighter. Making a tool (which is a right to own) harder for law abiding citizens to get their hands on does nothing. The rash of stabbings in China, the bush battles in Africa, show that one can do plenty of damage with just a knife or machete.

      And, let's just look at some numbers. In 2012, the year of Sandy Hook, 298 people were killed with rifles in the U. S. Swimming pools, cars, and ladders are all more dangerous, bee stings about 1/7 as dangerous (FBI and CDC numbers-wise). Is every loss a tragedy in and of itself? Of course, but a tragedy isn't a call for us to be less free, it's a call for each one of us to do our best to be better.

  • pretty much a useless trump attack.

  • How is it that the world is at war with ISIS; a group where you have to convert to being a Muslim to join, and when someone who's screaming allwhoakbar or whatever with not "alleged" but self proclaimed ties with ISIS, confirmed by ISIS. The asshole was yelling at everyone that he was shooting the place up "because of what you have done to my country" And somehow you think the big take-away here is that we don't restrict the public's ability to obtain a gun enough.

    Let me tell you something as an American who knows a couple things about the underground. Its relatively easy to obtain guns that are even more deadly than what he used and in some states (I don't know about Florida specifically) would be illegal. In his particular case it was slightly easier to go to a gun store and buy one. Should HE have been able to get one? No But the problem here isn't that gun control here isn't strict enough, the problem is we have Islamic radicals trying to kill everyone who's not one of them.

    And worst of all, If you're someone who acknowledges the truth, you are automatically someone who hates all Muslims which is super hypocritical.

  • You want the real numbers? The FBI Numbers. You are more likely to fall off a friggin' ladder than be killed by any sort of gun. Let's look at 2013, most recent FBI numbers I can get. 285 murders with rifles. 285. There were a total of 8,454 murders with guns. But right now I wanna talk about rifles. Big, scary AR-15. They killed 285 people in 2013. For comparison's sake, there were 428 murders with blunt objects like hammers and baseball bats, and 687 instances of people being beaten to death. Now, let's head over to the CDC. In 2013, 31,240 people were killed by falling. The rifle deaths are a small fraction of the deaths from someone losing their balance. You're going to tell me that that's worth stripping a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms? AR-15 style weapons are important tools for resisting federal overreach, as well as for home defense. An AR-15 has very little recoil and muzzle climb, as well as being light. That's what makes it so popular. It's an easy to handle weapon that allows petite women to take on burly home invaders, as an example.

    And you say it's so easy to buy an "assault rifle", then do it. I promise you, there's background checks and paperwork aplenty. Yes, there are already background checks. Also, these weapons are not the machine guns you seem to be envisioning. To own a machine gun in the U. S, you need a class III license, which involves extensive background checks which can take over a year. A civilian AR-15 is semi-automatic. You pull the trigger once and one bullet comes out. Even a revolver is functionally semi-automatic (not technically, but it works as such). Only military rifles are capable of automatic fire.

    As to the UK's low murder rate (which you passed on), two points. The UK only counts solved murders in their crime statistics, fun fact. Also, according to the BBC, gun crime ROSE 40% after the 2001 handgun ban.

    I would also like to state that "well regulated" was a common expression meaning properly functioning when the Bill of Rights was written, a well regulated militia was one that could wage war. Also, muskets *were* weapons of war in the 18th century, and "assault rifles" did exist. The Lewis and Clarke expedition had a rifle that could fire 20 rounds without reloading.

    Don't try to sell our freedom so you can feel good inside. And do yourself a favor and look up the Battle of Athens, Georgia.

    FBI Expanded Homicide Data Table 8
    NVSR v64 n2
    BBC Handgun Crime 'Up' Despite Ban

  • It's not really about guns for the Republican politicians. It's about money as usual. The NRA makes huge lobbies and contributions. Firearms also make a TON of cash here in the US. The economy would go to shit if we didn't have weapons manufacturers.

  • A lot of the other countries lie about their gun related murders. Such as not considering it a gun crime unless a conviction has been made. So if someone is shot killed, and they never find the murderer, they get to lie and say that their gun control laws appear to be working within their statistics.

    Also people are a lot more likely to be stabbed than shot. So it isn't like the existence of guns is the reason people are dying. If they want to go on a massive killing spree and can't legally get a gun, then they will get one illegally, or just build a bomb. In fact bombs are often more deadly than massive gun shootings.

    Do you even have any idea how easy it is to make a gun? Most of us can do that now with crap in our garage. You can even 3D print a gun now. Guns are not going away. Especially when we share a boarder with a third world country that constantly smuggles in illegal merchandise.

    It is illegal to buy pot, and legal to buy alcohol. Guess which is easier for a kid to get a hold of. Once you have banned something, you have deregulated it. Once the legal market disappears, it just shows up more often in the black market, making it far more dangerous.

    People like to talk about Australia, but what about Switzerland? The fact that Switzerland has so many guns, and has a really low violent crime rate should speak volumes that this isn't about the number of guns people have access to.

  • we need more guns not less.

  • You could always just stay in Ireland. Just look at how gun laws kept Northern Ireland safe over the last 6 decades...

  • Because appeasing terrorists, and importing more of them, will work so well. :P

    • Gentle reminder - The NRA does NOT exist in Paris, Belgium, Jakarta, London, etc.

  • Can anyone explain to me why is omar mateen a terrorist but not dylann roof

  • Not jumping into the debate pool here, but I really like that poem. :)

  • Massacres are why we need guns to be legal. One place with one of the most strick gun laws in the US is Chicago and once they came into effect, deaths went up, not down. With gun free zones, people can't defend themselves. I mean WHAT MURDERER what give a flying fuck about a gun free zone. DO you think he would be like "oh shit sorry guys! didn't see the no guns sign!" And with the tweet whats the problem? I don't know who commited the murders at Orlando, but recently there has been a lot of terrorist attacks from ISIS. That isn't a fail, that is a "haha told you so".

  • Way to misquote Trump... if you can't even be honest no one is going to take you seriously about your anti gun arguments.

  • At this point I'm not sure if it's the editor that puts pictures in between to avoid "walls of text", or an admin. The "congrats" quote of Trump's isn't all what he posted, therefore this falls under "cherry-picking" data, Literally, in this case.

    "The reality in the States is you can 'Rambo-up' as easy as I can buy milk from the corner store and despite what tragedy ensues it just reinforces the love for guns."

    Don't know what to say to this. An exaggeration, for sure, how much of an exaggeration, remains to be seen. I've heard different stories with regards to this "ramboing up". Obviously, USA is large, so it might vary from state to state. Haven't seen a single credible source in this matter.

    Can't pick a standpoint. Insufficient credible material.

  • After 9/11, they banned all sorts of things on flights. Liquids, batteries, whatever. But after a massacre, no one is going to ban a fucking assault weapon. Why?

    Because fuck you, that's why. #FromMyColdDeadHands

    • I like you, I LIKE you a lot :)

    • The danger from so called assault weapons is overstated anyway. I hate it as much as anyone when these nut jobs commit these tragedies but let's face facts, more people are killed with knives each year than with assault rifles. In fact, more people are killed each year with bare fists. Every death is terrible but the AR-15 is far from the scourge of society statistically.

  • Making guns illegal in the U. S. wouldn't be a wise thing to do. Would just give drug dealers another market. They have a lot of money. They just buy a factory over seas, smuggle in gun parts, reassemble them in the U. S., sell them on the streets and earn a lot more money. Leaving Law abiding citizens defenseless against home invaders who bought their guns from the drug/now gun dealers. Making it even easier since there will no longer be ANY background checks.

    There will always be a few crazy people and this type of stuff will happen. You can't really compare U. S. to other countries. We're VERY different with a lot of different races, religions, politics and just different philosophies about life. It would be very easy for someone to use a non tracking search engines to look up how to build something very explosive. Or they can use gasoline and some matches. If someone is crazy enough to kill people with no real reason, they're going to do it.

    Blame the person, not the object.

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