How can you tell if your boyfriend's friend likes you?

It is kinda odd, almost all of my boyfriends friends will start up different conversations when he leaves the room.

Well, personally I think I'm ugly as hell and why would anyone want to even look at me like that, but one of his friends winks at me sometimes.Then its just stupid things, one of them told me they could get any CD that I wanted when I dropped him off .


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  • Conversations like what?

    That sounds normal. Those are HIS friends, and they're guys. So of course they'll talk about things when he's around that would specifically interest him. They may think those subjects may not particularly interest you, so they change the subject to interest you and keep you entertained and comfy while he's away.

    It just depends on WHAT they talk about when he's not around. If they're asking you about yourself, that's fine. They may just want to know more about that special girl in their buddy's life. It's even great if they ask you to hang out! You're the cool girlfriend! Picking fun at your boyfriend and telling you embarrassing stories about him can be funny, but if they're completely ripping your man apart or making him look bad, you should probably excuse yourself from the situation, or change the subject. Harmless flirting like roughhousing and joking around is okay too. But don't take it too far or else your boy and his buds will get suspicious of YOUR motives. Even if they are the ones that started it. Keep it friendly and non-intimate. Treat his guy friends like you would treat yours. Now, if the friends get a little touchy-feely, you need to put a stop to it immediately. Be firm and let them know that won't be happening, then stay by your boy's side at all times. Don't run and tell your boyfriend unless you're sure that his friends are making a pass at you and you feel uncomfortable. But the last thing you want to do is mess up the relationship between your man and his men. Don't do it. Long story short; It doesn't matter if your boy's friend likes you or not if you don't indulge him.

    • It's kida odd, well we have been together for 7 years now and all of his friends like me as a friend, but sometimes it the air seems to be different when he leaves. Like when I drove his friend home the other night, I don't know why he didn't bring it up infront of my bf. His friend was telling me he could get any CD to burn for free and if wanted any cd that he could get it for me...I don't know he brings stuff up like that all the time...I feel really odd when I have to drive him home alone...

    • Well, girls are blessed with this thing called gut-instinct. So if you feel that strangely about driving him, you just might wanna tell your boyfriend. Just tell him that you feel "different" around him unlike his other friends friends but you don't know why. Tell him this so your boy knows that for the most part you like his friends, and you're not just being paranoid.

      You two have been together for a while now, so let's hope that he understands and the guys know that you belong to their buddy.

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  • If you want them to stop this, start giving out vibes that you and boyfriend are a very strong couple.

    Like: talk to them about how great your boyfriend is and how much you love the way he treats you. Talk about how you both are planning to travel somewhere together. etc.

  • because someone talks to you does not mean they like you...

    you don't have many details here...


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  • if he flirts with you and is extra friendly and willing to do anything for you, then you get the hint-i had this too.

  • That's really funny. A similar thing happened to me. Some really cute guy who I knew had a girlfriend would talk to me once his girlfriend had left. haha. I guess it would be against social convention to flirt with you in front of him, so they do it behind his back. :D

  • There just being nice...