Does this Mother, Son relationship seem odd to you?

When me and my husband were dating for 2 years I finally met his mother. She was so excited to meet me over the phone, but once I saw her she was pissed. I have no idea why, she made me feel extremely uncomfortable the entire visit. There was even an incident where a son of hers ended up blurting out how much she trash talked me to her husband, she even told my husband "you can't talk to her anymore, break up with her" .. Note he's a grown man.

We eventually got married and she accepted that I was around, she claims that I am just so pretty and it threw her off at first. Anyways, me and my husband apparently moved into her home just for a month while we found a place in their home state.

Well, there were multiple accurances that I didn't even know how to process in my own head. She would wrap her arms around his waist, lay on top of him face to face in his bed, carress his face, call him babe and baby (which i've seen many regular moms do but the way she would say it sounded strange). She sits in his lap a lot, whenever her and her husband are fighting she asks my husband to come into her office and she cries to him and sits in his lap etc. There was even a situation where my husband forbid her from touching our baby because her husband outed that she got a little drunk and hit our babies head on a headboard when we were out shopping. She cried, made a draatic scene, slammed doors and he went off on me about it , went into her office and cried to her about how sorry he was, sent her apology texts prior. He's never once cried for me like that, he usually hurts my feelings and it takes him over a day to even apologize for it.

I wrote all of this off as a "mommas boy" thing. But things got worse, she was a little tipsy and let me know that she comes before me in my husbands life because she is the "first woman". I didn't even know what to say so I just starred at her honestly. Later in our stay at her home, me and my husband

were folding laundry and I found random underwear, I asked him who's they were he refused to iterate and threw them away. He says sentences with the word baby or babe and his mom responds before I can answer. and MANY MANY other crazy things. Including him taking off his underwear and changing into stripper like pants, and disappearing for a hour, coming back and changing his clothes. I have even caught him trying to fold the laundry without me in secret, which is so weird !


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  • sits in his lap?



    • you didn't answer my question lol


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  • lay ontop of him face to face in his bed?

    you walked in and saw that? what did they do/say? cause thats really disturbing and i wouldn't have let that slide.

    • Yes, I just stopped in my tracks.. She said "just having some quality time with my son". He didn't say a thing... He lookes shocked I walked in though. I never experienced this so I didn't know what to say.

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    • how so? this question is very far fetched even you must admit that if you heard it from someone else and they just kept going with something which is so obviously incestuous

    • It's not far fetched because it happened. And I don't know what incest actually looks like and how to classify it. also i've brought it up once to my husband and he shut me out. He refuses to talk about it. I'm actually confused as he says im the one with the problem. So i can't even imagine confronting him on what i just saw. Neither his mother.

  • Very weird relationship. Sounds like she wants her son to herself. You are better than me. I would have went off in her a while ago

    • I don't know how to confront either of them about it.

    • Sit them both down together and ask what is going on. Something is very fishy!

  • It just sounds like she's a needy lady

    • Yea it does but its putting a wedge between us.

  • It's a bit odd...

  • Lies. Ur a pervert dude who got off while writing this crap. U get off on incest.

    • UH NO, SORRY. This is very real lol , I know its soo hard to believe but I even asked his mom about the thong as I assumed maybe he had another girl over and she refused to elaborate and changed the subject.

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    • lol okay crazy

    • Good retort. I'm hurt.